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Field Test - Exo Cricket Flour Protein Bars

Author:Ryan Chapman
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Ryan Chapman is involved in several athletic pursuits including running and bodyboarding. He is passionate about nutrition, and is always on the lookout for a great protein to give him the recovery and nutrients he needs. He is an avid supplement user and typically follows a ketogenic diet and avoids gluten.

The Exo Cricket Flour Protein bar was a great choice for him, since it's soy, dairy, grain and gluten free. Ryan tested out the Exo Cricket Flour Protein bar in the Blueberry Vanilla and the Cocoa Nut.

Exo Blueberry Vanilla 

THE GOODexo bars
The Exo bar is made with cricket flour, yes, cricket flour, the insects you hear lurking in the night making all that noise.  I was not hesitant at all to try this bar, because it's packaged very professional and it's ingredients are minimal. Overall it's a great bar for a great price. 

Ingredients: It's sweetened naturally with honey, always a plus. It's texture is similar to a larabar and in my opinion tastes fantastic, plus it has blueberries which contain a polyphenol called gallic acid, which can protect our brains from degeneration and oxidative damage, how rad!

Macronutrients and Energy: At 260 calories it is very satiating and kept me going for a while without having to reach for anything else. Carbs to protein ratio- It is a 2:1 ratio geared for those needing a quick spike in energy levels, minus the wait time like other bars that pack too much protein that takes eons to digest.

It's a possibility that if you have a shellfish allergy, you may be allergic to crickets so be cautious. It clearly states this on the bar, but most people are too busy to read the fine print nowadays. 

Exo Cocoa Nut


Taste: This bar is so delicious. If you are a fan of dates and coconuts (who isn't) this bar is well worth a try. Savory and rich, this flavor is by far my favorite because I love the richness that the chocolate brings to it.  It tastes similar to a Raw Revolution bar, if any of you are familiar (oh how I miss those bars).

Calories: A little higher in calories and healthy fats than the other flavors of Exo bars, it packs 300 calories and 20g of fat per serving, perfect for a long run or few hours on a cycle.  

These bars contain chocolate and might not be a wise choice after that evening run if you want to wind down and increase parasympathetic nervous system activity.

With cricket as their protein, these guys are environmentally friendly and they are onto something. These bars taste great, are satisfying, and offer tasty flavors that are great for any sport. Each bar packs about 10g of protein, along with a mix of carbs and fats that keep you satisfied and offer a good source of energy for pre, during and post workout. Seriously, give these a try!

To see Ryan's full nutrition plan, click here.

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