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Performance Tea Energy - Single Serving

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Performance Tea ENERGY supports smoother days so you can give your best physical performance. Enjoy this tea when you're looking to supercharge your day with strengthening superfoods and adaptogens.
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Regular Price: $1.90
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Performance Tea Energy  focuses on balanced gains in strength, immunity, and endurance. Blended with high-quality green tea are powerful adaptogens that kickstarts the system and keeps you going strong without jitters, making it a perfect alternative to energy drinks or coffee. This instant tea drink has a slightly sweet flavor from cinnamon and licorice.

  • Supports increased endurance
  • Improves concentration and memory, physical stamina and endurance.
  • Promotes longevity and creates greater mental balance
  • Provides nutrients for muscle tissue repair.
  • Immunity booster and adaptogen
  • 100% Natural

Rip. Pour. Mix. Sip. That's all it takes. Open 1 packet and pour the contents into 12-24 ounces of hot or cold water. Then stir, shake, or blend our instant tea for an on-the-go drink. Enjoy this convenient coffee-alternative, at home or on the go, and kickstart your day with this delicious natural instant tea.

The maximum benefit of adaptogenic super functional tea is achieved when it becomes part of a daily practice.  A bottle of Energy in the morning and one during a workout is the perfect setup for a balanced system.  When we can achieve homeostasis our performance improves and we can get maximum results from our training efforts. 

Energy is our true super functional tea with a powerhouse of adaptogens that keep the adrenal system in check and reduces cortisol (the enemy of performance).  Balance is your daily, great tasting, go to drink for those times when you want a 100% natural "sweet tea".  Focus is for those days when you just need to be on your game, planning, deciding, clarifying what race to be in, what training plan to use and how to bring mental clarity to whatever you do.

Serving Size: 1 packet
 Amount Per Serving DV%*  
 Proprietary Focus Blend 2g   
  Reishi extract  *
  Gynostemma extract   *
  Atractylodes extract  *
  Codonopsis  *
  Licorice extract   *
  Astragalus extract   *
  Green Tea extract  *
  Cinnamon extract  *
  Asiatic Dogwood extract  *
  Gotu Kola extract  *
  Eleuthero extract   *

Other Ingredients
Corn dextrin

Reishi - Promotes longevity and creates greater mental balance through optimizing our detoxification and immune systems.

Green Tea - The small amount of caffeine in the blend of adaptogenic herbs provides immediate energy in the context of the larger aim of the formula’s ability to adapt and strengthen.

Atractylodes - Strengthens the ability to digest and extract optimal nutrition from a healthy digestive system, aiding the body in adequately providing nutrients for muscle tissue repair.

Codonopsis - Used for it’s ability to strengthen digestive health and provide sustained energy.

Licorice - Balances out the effects of complex formulas and allows the formula itself to adapt to how we need it.

Astragalus - Known for its ability to strengthen immune function and support the recovery process. It fortifies our ability to adapt to environmental stressors and strengthens the digestive system by augmenting nutrient assimilation.

Gynostemma - Known to strongly improve concentration and memory, physical stamina and endurance.

Cinnamon - The humble spice adds more than flavor to our blends. It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb. Research shows it can also help regulate insulin.

Cornus Fruit - Supports sexual health and reproductive vigor as we age. This helps us take preventative measures since sexual and urinary health are often one of the first places impacted by prolonged stress.

Eleuthero - Supports increased endurance, honed reflexes and improved concentration.

Gotu Kola - Strengthens the nervous system and replenishes the adrenal glands when they have been impacted from prolonged stress. Positively impacts cognitive function and memory.

performance tea energyperformance tea energy woman using blenderPERFORMANCE TEA ENERGY SMOOTHIE

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