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Klean Hydration Drink Mix - 20 Servings

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Klean Hydration™ has an osmotic concentration, or osmolarity, similar to that of body fluids, to support fluid replenishment without slowing you down. Performing at your best through optimal hydration is simple with this great-tasting, naturally sweetened and balanced hydration powder.

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Klean Hydration™ by Klean Athlete® contains 6% carbohydrates with additional minerals for the replacement of fluid and electrolytes lost through sweat during physical activity. The carbohydrates and sodium in this great-tasting drink mix support the intestinal absorption of fluids to maximize hydration efficiency.†

Klean Hydration™ and the entire Klean Athlete® line have undergone rigorous testing by the NSF Certified for Sport® program which was created to meet the growing demands of athletes, coaches and healthcare professionals to certify that sports supplements are safe and free from banned substances. Every product that carries the NSF Certified for Sport® mark has undergone stringent laboratory testing to confirm content, purity and compliance.


  • Effective hydration packed with electrolytes and light carbohydrates
  • 180mg of Sodium
  • 70mg of Potassium
  • 25mg of Magnesium

Adults mix 1 scoop in 8 oz of water or as directed. For 20 servings, mix 1 bottle of this product with approximately 4.7 L (1.2 gallons) of water and serve.

After exercise, consume approximately 16–24 oz (450–675 mL) of fluid for every pound (0.5 kg) of body weight lost during exercise. Optimal consumption before and during exercise will vary considerably depending on individual needs. For best results, use as directed by a coach, trainer or health care professional.

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (17.9g)
Serving Per Container: 20

 Amount Per Serving  DV%*  
 Calories 60
  Calories from Fat 0
 Carbohydrates 16g  6%
    Sugars 12g  
      Includes 12g added sugars   
 Sodium 180mg  8%
 Potassium 70mg  1% 
 Magnesium 25mg  6% 
 Calcium 35  3% 
 Potassium 70mg  1%
 Vitamin C 12.5mg  14%
 Carbohydrate blend 15g
 Sucrose (from cane/beet), Highly Branched 
 Cyclic Dextrin (Cluster Dextrin®), 
Dextrose, Fructose

* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a 2000 calorie diet

Other Ingredients: 
citric acid, organic orange flavor with other natural flavors, red beet (for color), beta carotene
(for color).

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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