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Field Test - B-LINE Energy Gel

699   570 

B-LINE is an energy gel that many of our athletes love. It’s the natural food answer to convenient gels for any athlete, meaning, it’s still in a convenient package, but made with only five organic ingredients. If you need quick and efficient energy fast, and are looking for real food ingredients, B-LINE is hard to beat. Read this field test to learn more about B-LINE Energy Gels.

Field Test - Tenzo Tea

724   563 

Tenzo Teas offer a well-balanced, smooth, and delicious matcha flavor that could be used in hot teas, iced teas, and smoothies. With so many matcha teas out there, you'll be delighted to experience Tenzo Tea - they really deliver a solid, smooth, and flavorful cup that leaves you wanting more.With both flavored and unflavored options, you can't go wrong! Read this full field test to learn more.

Field Test - Propello Life Whey Protein

72   61 

Propello Life delivers on taste and quality. With 20 grams of grass-fed whey protein, you are getting quality protein without fillers which can lead to bloating and stomach issues. The taste is clean and smooth and can be used for an anytime protein boost or post workout recovery. Read the full review to learn more!

Field Test - Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

210   192 

Vital Proteins offers a great line of collagen supplements. This collagen peptide powder is available in a tub or in single use packets. With 20g of collagen per serving, and benefits such as hair, skin, nail and joint support, this makes a great addition to your daily supplement routine. Read the full review here!

Field Test: Proven Nutrition's CORE

236   200 

Spring McClurg, who adventures in wild places, provides her product review of Proven Nutrition's CORE. Proven Nutrition’s Core all-natural drink mix is so much more than just an electrolyte drink powder. It’s designed to provide you with everything you need for pre, during and post workout or as something delicious to drink any day to stay hydrated, help maintain focus and help boost immunity. Read the full article to learn more!

Field Test: Primo Smoothie Meal

234   198 

Primo Smoothie Meal is a great addition to anyone’s daily nutrition plan. Not only does it have 20g of protein from grass-fed whey, but it includes healthy fats, a great mix of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. The flavor is mild and allows you to customize your smoothie by adding your own favorite ingredients. This powder can be used anytime and is a great meal replacement. Read this article to learn more!

Field Test - CORE Daily Health Drink

647   610 

Proven Nutrition offers a great line of total-body health supplements. We especially love their refreshing all-natural drink mix, CORE. This is an any time of day health and hydration drink that offers a variety of benefits and is a great addition to anyone’s daily nutrition and supplement program.

Field Test - Beta Red Pre-workout Performance Formula

981   617 

Beta Red offers a great non-stimulant pre-workout formula that has quality ingredients, each chosen with a specific purpose in mind. Beta Red contains a great combo of amino acids - including Beta Alanine and Citrulline malate that help increase blood flow and delay muscle fatigue during your workouts. Add these to the great benefits of beets, and you have yourself a killer combo for any athlete. Read the full field test here.

Field Test - Nuun Hydration Tabs

890   748 

Nuun offers a wide variety of easy to use, fast and efficient sport drink tabs that address all the hydration needs of athletes. They have four great products to help you tailor your hydration plan to fit your individual needs. Even more exciting is that they’ve recently updated the formulation to be all natural! All products are offered in a tablet form and come in a convenient tube. Read this field test article to learn more!

Field Test - Klean Athlete Recovery

738   621 

Klean Athlete offers a variety of products are backed by science, use effective and clean ingredients, and are 3rd party certified to ensure what's on the label is exactly what's in the product. Our dietitian, Britt, gave Klean Athlete's Recovery protein a try after a long day of coaching & CrossFit training. She now includes this unique protein in her nutrition strategy. Check out this full review to learn more about this great recovery protein.

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