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Field Test - B-LINE Energy Gel

Author:Britt Maughan R.D.
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b-line energy gels

B-LINE is an energy gel that many of our athletes love. It’s the natural food answer to convenient gels for any athlete, meaning, it’s still in a convenient package, but made with only five organic ingredients. Each ingredient is picked for its specific purpose in delivering energy and offers a list of awesome benefits. 

We like to use the gel in a few different ways. It’s great for any activity that’s over an hour, when caloric intake is needed to replace energy lost during activity. For example, we used B-LINE during a 4 hour bike ride, and we like to use about 300 calories per hour,  we had half a B-LINE (at about 100 calories) and had a sports drink (a mixture of electrolytes and calories) to make up the other 200 calories. We took 2 B-LINE pouches with us on this ride, and felt the instant kick of energy after using it. 

You could easily use B-LINE in any number of combinations, so long as you are meeting your calorie requirements that allow you to perform at your best. Many of our athletes take B-LINE in combination with other bars, chews, and sports drinks. 

Ingredients: With so many gel options out there, it’s hard to find a gel that’s so clean and pure like B-Line. Each pouch only has five ingredients that you can literally taste in each pouch. Check out B-LINE’s description tab here for a quick list of each ingredient and its awesome benefits. 

Taste: While this gel is more on the sweet side, it has great flavor. I found the Honey + Molasses + Maple + Raspberry + Chia seeds (blue pouch) to be the sweeter of the two, with molasses leading the strongest flavor. The Pomegranate + Banana + Maple + Honey + Coconut (red pouch) was slightly less sweet, with banana and honey leading the strongest flavors. I personally liked this pouch the best – I could easily see myself mixing this pouch with oatmeal for a delicious pre-workout meal. 

Texture: This gel has a honey like texture (obviously with the ingredients listed, it’s going to be just like the consistency of honey/maple/molasses). It’s slightly thickened by the added ingredients like banana and raspberry, and the chia and coconut give a little chew, which I actually liked. It comes out easily from the pouch. 

Pouch Design and servings: This pouch offers the ability to have half the pouch at one time, then have the rest later during a long run or ride. It has a screw off top, and each pouch gives you 178-220 calories total, which breaks down to two servings per pouch (89-110 calories per serving). Most pouches are one time use, with only 100 calories per pouch. 

Sweetness: As stated above, the real ingredients have a strong flavor and are pretty sweet. You’ll find that this is sweeter than your usual gel. The red pouch is slightly less sweet, and may be a good option for those that don’t like too much sweetness. We like to use a half a pouch per hour, mixed with a good sports drink. 

Two Servings: Because this pouch offers two servings (and is made from high quality ingredients), you’ll find that the cost is higher than a single use gel. As mentioned, most gels offer 100 calories per pack, while B-LINE gives you 178-220 per pouch (which breaks down to 89-110 calories per serving). 

B-LINE offers a great real food gel that is made with only 5 organic ingredients. While it’s slightly sweeter than some traditional gels, it’s easy to use and the two serving package makes it great for any athlete. If you're looking for the convenience and quick energy of gels but prefer real food ingredients, B-LINE is hard to beat!

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