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About Us

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We strive to provide our customers with the education and products they need to make the right nutritional choices in order to reach their full potential in sports and overall wellness, for life.

Feed Your Machine for Optimum Performance

Our company was founded by two ultra-endurance athletes with similar passions for maintaining high-level performance based on good sports nutrition. Traditionally, many athletes don’t pay enough attention to nutrition to meet the demands of competition and their everyday life. They often pattern after what others do while not always considering if it’s right for them. Too little time is spent on selecting products with quality ingredients that address their unique needs and not enough time is spent testing their nutrition and hydration plan in advance of competition. This comes as no surprise as athletes are pressed for time and the available nutritional information can be confusing and often contradicting. We are passionate about changing this and making proper nutrition an essential part of every athlete’s regime by giving them the tools to make the right choices. Our goal is to help athletes perform at their highest level while always maintaining good health and longevity.

Make Your Training Count. Fuel Right.

A common obstacle to high performance is that many athletes buy all the right equipment and train hard, but fall short on nutrition. Lacking solid nutritional information, good planning and the ability to recognize good products, athletes are compromising their performance and their overall health. Feed The Machine was created to address all of these issues by developing retail and online approaches to reach as many of these athletes as possible. Feed The Machine does not want to be just another store that sells nutritional products. We strive to be a recognized leader and trusted source of educational information, to provide individualized nutritional advice and to make it easy to purchase the highest quality sports nutrition products all in one place.

Only the Best

Feed The Machine’s first product was SportMulti, a highly regarded sport multivitamin and mineral supplement that we carefully formulated to contain only the best balance of ingredients. Using the same strict criteria that were applied to SportMulti, we select only the best products on the market for our store to address the unique nutritional and wellness needs of our athletes. We stand by the products we choose to carry at Feed The Machine and encourage athletes to contact us with any questions or suggestions they may have. 

Our Commitments

  • We will offer only the best-of-breed product selection through our online and retail stores
  • We will cut through the clutter and provide you with reliable and current sports nutrition information
  • We will be a trusted source of advice for your individual needs
  • We will maintain a buying process that is easy and efficient

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