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Aaron Dalrymple - Mountain Biking & Cycling

Aaron is a mountain biker and cyclist that is most passionate about challenging himself, pushing his physical limits during long endurance rides, and finding ways to improve his performance and stay motivated. He's finished the Leadville mile 100 twice, as well as three IRONMAN races and was won several mountain bike races. He has goals to compete in the Kenda Cup Series, as well as the California State Championship and Nationals.

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Amino Acids

Amino Acids are the building blocks of the body that make up proteins. These make up the muscles, tendons, and organs to name a few. All the cells in your body depend on them for growth and maintenance. The body can make some of the amino acids from other nutrients but others it can’t. The body must get them from your diet. These are called essential amino acids (EAA) and include the Branched Chain Amino Acids (aka BCAA).

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Ben Berend - Nordic Combined

Ben Berend is a Nordic Combined Skier born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. At the age of seven he was ski jumping and cross country skiing on a daily basis and already had the desire to take the sport as far as he could. Seeing Bill Demong win the Gold Medal in Vancouver for Nordic Combined inspired him to pursue his dream of competing in the Olympics, a dream he works for everyday.

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Bob Araujo - SUP & Other Paddle Sports

Bob went from couch potato to elite athlete in a few short years thanks to his love of SUP. He's since added other paddle sports such as prone paddle boarding, outrigger canoeing, and surf skiing. He could turn pro but prefers to keep a balanced lifestyle where he regularly trades his board shorts for a tailored suit to work as lawyer in Brazil.

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Aaron Wimberley - Road Cycling

Aaron is a Category 1 road cyclist and has been racing road bikes for the past 11 years. Action sports have been part of his life ever since he can remember. He's raced motocross, BMX, mountain bikes, and even spent many years as an avid skateboarder. Just about anything that takes coordination, technique, discipline, lots of time, and fulfills his need for endorphins & adrenaline, he's done it.

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Annemarie Alf - Triathlete & Physical Therapist

Annemarie is licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She was the 1st American Physical Therapist to work with any Chinese Olympic Team at an Olympic Games. As the Performance Physical Therapist to the Men's and Women's Chinese Olympic Gymnastics Team she attended the 2012 London Olympic Games and provided daily evaluation and treatment of all gymnastics athletes. The Chinese Olympic Gymnastic team achieved 8 total gymnastics medals, more than any other nation.

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Ben Morris - Mountain Biking, Ultrarunning, & Triathlons

Ben Morris is a multi-sport athlete that is passionate about healthy eating, quality products, and research. He loves to test out new products and is always reading the latest research on improving performance and endurance. He is a big believer in planning, strategy and training in preparation for all of his races and events. In addition to his athletic pursuits, Ben is a Father, Health Scientist, and Exercise Technologist.

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Are you gluten sensitive or have Celiac Disease?

Confused about all the talk about gluten free diets? Well, your not alone. If you listen to the pro gluten free crowd, you'd think everyone should stop eating gluten. However, as it turns out, the reality is not so simple and there is still so much we still don't understand.

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Adaptogens - Reduce Stress & Improve Performance

There are several herbal extracts that supplement the body’s ability to deal with stressors like anxiety, fatigue, overexertion, trauma, etc. These herbal extracts are called adaptogens. They are thought to balance the endocrine (hormone) system and boost the immune system. They promote a state of balance and stability in the body. Adaptogens can calm you down and boost your energy at the same time without over stimulating. They can normalize body imbalances. By supporting adrenal function, they counteract the adverse effects of stress. They enable the body’s cells to access more energy; help cells eliminate toxic byproducts of the metabolic process and help the body to utilize oxygen more efficiently.

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BCAAs - Increase Muscle Endurance & Recovery

There are nine essential amino acids that are required for optimal muscle building and tissue growth. The three that are most effective in this process are the branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Regardless of your activity level or sport, BCAAs can serve as a great addition to your nutrition program to increase overall muscle maintenance and building, as well as improve your performance by delaying fatigue.

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Beta-alanine: efficient intra-muscular acid buffer & performance enhancer

The fatigue that sets in during a workout or race can halter performance and increase self doubt to the point of wanting to throw in the towel. The difference between an athlete who can outperform, or 'go the distance' and one who simply cannot, is the athlete's ability to synthesize and store carnosine in muscle tissue. Read this article to understand how Beta-alanine can aid in this process.

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Antioxidants neutralize the free radicals created by every breath we take. With exercise and higher oxygen intake (exercise uses 12 -20 times more oxygen then sitting), the increased free radicals produced cause damage in the form of inflammation and muscle pain. And, in the long run, free radicals are a major contributor to the aging process. Your best defense is to increase your consumption of nutrients rich in antioxidant properties such as vitamins C and E, astaxanthin, and grape seed extract.

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