Energy Chews

Energy chews are a quick and easy way to deliver energy fast. The ingredients and function are similar to energy gels, but come in gummy squares or drops with a chewy texture, great for athletes looking for a little variety in their fuel sources. We like to use them in combination with gels, bars, and sports drinks to fuel our adventures. Check out our COMPARISON TABLE to help you find your perfect energy chew.

Energy Chews


    GU Energy

    GU Energy Chews - 2 Serving Pack
    Regular Price: $2.00
    Sale Price: $1.66Save 17%

    Clif Bar

    CLIF SHOT BLOKS Chews - 2 Serving Pack
    Regular Price: $1.99
    Sale Price: $1.69Save 15%

    Honey Stinger

    Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews - Single Packet
    Regular Price: $2.25
    Sale Price: $1.80Save 20%

    Skratch Labs

    Skratch Labs Fruit Drops Energy Chews - 2 Serving Pouch (Original Formula)
    Regular Price: $2.45
    Sale Price: $1.84Save 25%

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