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Omega Fats

This category is dedicated to omega fatty acids which are a great addition to anyone's daily supplement program. Omega fats can be found in both plant and animal sources - with fish, fish oil and marine sources having the richest amount of omega-3 fatty acids. For the athlete, omega fatty acids can help with performance and recovery through joint support and reducing inflammation. We recommend a daily intake of 3-6 grams. To view a comparison chart of our omega products and learn more, read this article on The Power of Omega Fats.   

Omega Fats

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    SFH SO3-D3 Omega-3 Oil - 8 oz
    Regular Price: $54.99


    SO3 Omega-3 - 120 Softgels
    Regular Price: $44.99

    Klean Athlete

    Klean Omega - 60 Softgels
    Regular Price: $33.40

    Hammer Nutrition

    EndurOmega - 180 Softgels
    Regular Price: $29.95


    Huma Chia Energy Gel - Single Serving
    Regular Price: $2.25
    Sale Price: $1.98Save 12%

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