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Lactic Acid Buffers

The muscle burn that many athletes feel during a workout is due to the lactic acid build up that is produced as our body uses oxygen to break down glucose for energy. Your body's acid increases as you produce lactic acid and if it builds up (which can happen during intense exercise) burning muscles, cramps, nausea, weakness and exhaustion can set in. Products in this category help to buffer the lactic acid build up and reduce the symptoms of lactic acid buildup.

Lactic Acid Buffers

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    VO2 Max Endurance - 150 Capsules
    Regular Price: $52.95
    Sale Price: $44.95Save 15%

    Hammer Nutrition

    Race Day Boost - 64 Capsules
    Regular Price: $22.95

    First Endurance

    OptygenHP - 120 Capsules
    Regular Price: $79.95

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