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Arginine (L-Arginine) is an amino acid. It is one of the protein building amino acids in the human body. It is considered a semi-essential amino acid which means that, although the body can make it (does not need to come from the diet), the body often doesn't synthesis enough so getting it from the diet can have benefits especially for athletes.

L-Arginine is involved with many biological functions in the body, many of which are of importance to the athlete. Some of these are:

  • helps remove ammonia from working muscles
  • help heal wounds
  • is a precursor for the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) which causes vasodilation and, thus, improves blood flow (you get more oxygen to the working musles).
  • helps with hormone secretion and the immune system

Because of these benefits, athletes often supplement with arginine to help improve performance.

Arginine is found is a wide variety of foods from animal sources like diary, beef, poultry, and seafood to plant sources like nuts (walnuts and almonds), seeds (sesame, pumpkin), and cereal grains (wheat germ, oat).

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