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Nutrition Plan - Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Lina Augaitis

Lina Augaitis paddle boardingProfessional stand up paddle boarding athlete - Lina Augaitis shares her nutrition plan for competing with the best around the world.

Do you have a health condition or allergy (ex: gluten intolerance) that requires you to have a special nutrition plan?

Do you follow a specific diet (ex: vegetarian, paleolithic etc…). If so, describe it and explain how is it benefitting you?

I am mostly vegetarian, the main reason I eat mostly vegetables are that I just don't like the taste of meat or fish/seafood. I sometimes eat chicken breast and eggs but I really dislike red meat or other meat or fish. Being vegetarian forces me to find balance in my diet as it is slightly more difficult to get the appropriate nutritional needs with less meat in my diet.  The thing I struggle with the most is getting enough protein in me. Protein powders in smoothies are a big part of my diet now.

Do you supplement daily with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids etc…?
I supplement with vitamins, omega fatty acids, amino acids and protein.

- Amino Acids including BCAA's like Recovery Amino Power
- Omega Fatty Acids including Omega 3's from SFH S03 D3 Omega Fish oil
- SportMulti vitamin and mineral supplement for athletes
- SFH Pure Whey and SFH Recovery proteins
- MDrive

What’s your pre-workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan? Be specific about the foods, hydration (water, electrolyte, other liquids), and sports supplements/fuels you use?
I use one scoop of SFH Pure Whey mixed with almond milk, berries, spinach, ginger, and chia seeds in the morning. I also sometimes take an Arginine supplement. Before a race I also take a Vfuel gel.

What’s your during workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan? Be specific about the foods, hydration (water, electrolyte, other liquids), and sports supplements/fuels you use?
for electrolytes and I use about one per litre and try to drink every 30min-1 hour.

I also use Vfuel gels and Clif Shot Blocks Chews throughout a race.

What’s your post-workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan? Be specific about the foods, hydration (water, electrolyte, other liquids), and sports supplements/fuels you use?
I like Coconut water right after competition and FSH recovery protein mixed with water usually. I try to eat anything right after. I have not developed a fine tune plan arond food intake right after competition training. I make sure I continue to drink liquids.

Do you compete in different types of events (ex: different distances or formats)? If so, is your nutrition/hydration plan different for each event?
Most races are over 2 days. One day is long (over 2 hrs) and the other shorter between 30min to 1hr.

For long races: I use Nuun, Vfuel gels, and cliffblocks throughout the race.
For short races: I use Nuun and Vfuel before race and recover with coconut water and nuun.

Any other nutrition/hydration secrets you’d like to share?
Not right now. I am also still working out doses and product as I compete more at the highest levels.


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