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e load is produced by Medion, a Canadian firm founded by Dr. Douglas W. Stoddard who is a world renown sports medicine doctor who formulated the e load line based on clinical trials of over 20,000 of his patients. With e load, you can be sure that each product is medically formulated based on scientific principles that have been tried and tested in real life.
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e load Endurance Formula - 30 Servings
The first sport drink medically designed to aid in the prevention of dehydration, muscular cramping due to electrolyte loss, hyponatremia, lactic acid accumulation, muscle burn, and hypoglycemia (bonking). Guaranteed to increase heat tolerance! One of the main sugars in eLoad is Dextrose, it is a high glycemic, simple carbohydrate, and is far and away the sugar of choice for electrolyte loading sports drink because this sugar actually facilitates sodium absorption from the gut, unlike others.
Gluten Free Nut Free  Dairy Free Vegan Certified Kosher
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Zone Caps X5 Electrolyte Buffer - 75 Capsules
Zone Caps X5 are electrolyte replenishment capsules that can be used on their own or along with e load Endurance Formula. What separates these buffered electrolyte caps from similar supplements is that they contain the same ratio of electrolytes and essential salts as human sweat with a few milligrams of dextrose to speed delivery through the stomach lining. 
Vegan FriendlyGluten Free Nut Free
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1-2 of 2 items