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Aminopure Company LogoAMINOPURE was developed by their own team of physician scientists. It is vegetable-based and one of the highest quality L-glutamine supplements on the market today. AMINOPURE is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility that follows good manufacturing practice (cGMP) guidelines. L-glutamine is the most commonly found amino acid in the body and has been adopted by those seeking to increase collagen production and improve skin tone, by people interested in supporting their immune systems, and athletes to improve muscle mass and muscle recovery following exercise.
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AMINOPURE Sport L-glutamine Powder - 350 g Can
During intense and prolonged exercise, muscle mass can be significantly depleted. L-glutamine is an amino acid that accelerates the rate of muscle growth. Athletes who take AMINOPURE Sport before and after intense workouts also report that they have been able to avoid muscle fatigue and can exercise for longer periods of time. L-glutamine supplementation also helps to increase the rate of muscle recovery and reduces overall post-exercise recovery time. Because L-glutamine also supports the immune system, AMINOPURE Sport can help reduce the risk of infection.
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