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Over the course of several years, through extensive research, testing, and field use, we developVfueled our own endurance gel that did more than just give a quick spot of energy or put unnecessary "trendy" ingredients inside just for the sake of having them. We recognized the three requests that endurance athletes have of their sports nutrition; taste, quality, and performance. VFuel is composed to deliver long lasting energy that will not cause GI distress, all while being palatable to most athletes.
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VFuel Endurance Drink Mix - Single Serving
With the success and popularity of their energy gels for long distance/duration activity, VFuel has developed a drink mix with the endurance athlete in mind. This drink provides quick calories from non-GMO dextrose while also delivering fatigue preventing amino acids and electrolytes.
GMO Free
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VFuel Gel - Single Serving
VFuel gels deliver on their promise of good taste, quality, performance, and digestibility. The fact that they use organic real cocoa and real vanilla, for example, shows that they care about the ingredients. Using quality ingredients is a major factor in ensuring great taste. VFuel gels are unique in that they use MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride) which are fatty acids that can be used as fuel.  Add other performance focused ingredients like Taurine, OKG, and Citrulline Malate and you have a unique gel that enhances performance. Give it a try!
Gluten Free
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1-2 of 2 items