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WCUP is a Belgium Sports Nutrition brand founded in 1994 and now available in the USA. They have a long history ofWCUP Sports Nutrition brand logo helping professional athletes in their quest for glory and offer an extensive line of products from energy bars, gels, and drinks for pre-workout, during workout, and recovery. Their products are pH neutral (to minimize performance robbing acidity in muscles), focused on maximum absorption and energy supply, and are easy to digest. Created by doctors and developed in labs and universities, WCUP products have a proven track record of improving athletic performance.
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WCUP Energy Drink - Single Serving Pouch
In the U.S., an "Energy Drink" is typically a canned blend of caffeine, artificial flavors, and carbonated water. WCUP Energy Drink is nothing like that. It's designed to fuel endurance athletes to perform at their best and falls somewhere between a concentrated sports drink and a gel. We call it a liquid energy gel. As such, it's very easy and quick to consume. It's packed with fast acting carbohydrates and sodium to provide energy quickly for the most demanding training and competition.

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