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Trail Butter Company LogoTrail Butter was born during a cycling trip from Germany to California. To save time and space, the co-founder, Jeff, ground seeds, honey, nuts, and dried fruit together into a thick paste. This special blend helped power Jeff through the toughest parts of his trip. Once he got home, Jeff's friends and family enjoyed the nut butter blend so much that they encouraged him to sell it. Trail Butter can be a tasty complement to your breakfast or a snack, but it also works well for athletes providing sustained energy to fuel their adventures. 
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Trail Butter 1.15 oz
Trail Butter is a delicious, all-natural nut-butter, designed to provide lasting whole-food energy and nutrition to athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and home consumers alike. Using a triple nut blend of almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts as the base, dried fruits, seeds, honey and oils are added to create a tasty mixture fortified only with nature’s most energy packed foods. For those in search of a healthy, energy-rich, unprocessed food made only from natural foods, Trail Butter nut butter "gels" is the answer. 
NOTE: Trail Butter, the company, is currently out of stock. They informed us they will not have new stock until the Spring / Summer 2017. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Gluten Free Made In the USA
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1-1 of 1 items