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WCUP Energy Drink - Single Serving

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In the U.S., an "Energy Drink" is typically a canned blend of caffeine, artificial flavors, and carbonated water. WCUP Energy Drink is nothing like that. It's designed to fuel endurance athletes to perform at their best and falls somewhere between a concentrated sports drink and a gel. We call it a liquid energy gel. As such, it's very easy and quick to consume. It's packed with fast acting carbohydrates and sodium to provide energy quickly for the most demanding training and competition.

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Regular Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $3.50Save 30%

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At FTM, we carry numerous brands with their own version of energy gels. We take the time to test these gels in the field so there isn't much we haven't seen done and it takes a truly unique product to impress us. We were excited when we heard WCUP is now in the US. It is the secret weapon of many European athletes and given the high standards of the EFSA (Euro version of USDA) we knew it would be a quality product. What stands out most for us is that the "gel" is more like a liquid than a typical energy gel and, as such, is easy and quick to consume in all conditions. It is quick acting as it is made with four sources of carbohydrates that combine simple and complex carbs for immediate and sustained energy. WCUP's focus on pH neutral products is also a big plus to counter performance robbing acidity in muscles. Although we found it a bit strange that a Belgian company would offer unconventional flavors like Soursop (Original), Banana, and Lemon, we love the taste straight out of the pouch or diluted in one of our water bottles.

High-energy carbohydrate drink immediately absorbed is based on simple and complex sugars with high levels of sodium.

  • Very easy and quick to consume liquid gel
  • 4 sources of simple and complex carbohydrates for rapid and sustained energy
  • Contains 160 Calories per pouch
  • high sodium to replace essential electrolyte lost during exercise
  • pH neutral (7) to reduce performance robbing muscle acidity
  • Easy to digest - no stomach issues

Consume every hour during exercise or as needed. Remember that every Single Serving pouch contains 160 Calories which is more than a typical 100 Calorie gel. You can sip the gel periodically and cap of the container for a later time or drink it all at once. Alternatively, you can mix it into your water bottle for a diluted solution to fuel and keep you hydrated.

Sample flavor:  Lemon
Serving Size: (100g=2.4fl oz) 1 packet
 Amount Per Serving 
 % DV*
 Calories 160
  Calories from fat 0
 Total Fat 0g
 Sodium 200mg
 Total Carbohydrates  40g  
   Sugars 32g

 Protein 0g
 Vitamin B1  32%
 *Percent Daily Value (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.  

Water, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Sugar, Fructose, Sodium Chloride, Natural Lemon Flavor, Potassium Sorbate (preservative), Vitamin B1.

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