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elete CitriLyte Add-In - 8.3 oz Refill Bottle

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Can make over 20 gallons of electrolyte-fueled hydration. Like the original elete (with no flavor) it's a pure electrolyte concentrate but with a light, tart flavor. elete CitriLyte contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride plus zinc, an essential trace element, and citric acid, which participates in the Krebs cycle (as a pathway involved in energy conversion.)

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Regular Price: $19.50
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What we like about elete is the simplicity of the product, it’s natural ingredients, and it’s delivery system. elete offers electrolytes with nothing else added in a liquid form. Just add a serving to your water bottle and you’re ready to go. CitriLyte is the original elete with a bit of flavor. A light tart flavor which works well for those looking for a bit of flavor that the original version does not offer. If you don’t like carrying pills and keeping track of them while training or racing, elete or CitriLyte is a great option.

When performance counts and being at your absolute best is absolutely crucial, count on elete Electrolytes to stay hydrated, keep muscles working in tip-top condition, and recover quickly following exertion. elete Electrolytes provide balanced ions of magnesium, potassium, sodium and chloride without carbs, sugars, or any artificial ingredients.

Also a pure electrolyte concentrate but with a light, tart flavor. elete CitriLyte contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride plus zinc, an essential trace element, and citric acid, which participates in the Krebs cycle (as a pathway involved in energy conversion.)


  • When mixed, elete CitriLyte adds a light, tart flavor in water—almost as if you’ve added a lemon wedge to your water
  • Designed to be more palatable for more concentrated mixes (i.e., when a stronger dose of electrolytes is desired) or if used in less-than-perfect tap water
  • Ideal for those individuals sensitive to mineral flavor
  • Easier to mix when dosing electrolytes without precise measurements (e.g., drops, squirting, etc.)
  • Contains original elete Electrolyte Add-In but with the benefits of zinc and citric acid
  • No calories, carbs, artificial ingredients (colors, flavors, preservatives)
  • Easy clean up in hydration packs and bottles; will not stain or leave a residue
  • Certified free of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) substances by Informed Choice
  • Manufactured at an NSF, GMP-certified facility
  • All-Natural
  • Vegan, vegetarian, Gluten-Free

Mix 1 serving (0.6 tsp/3 ml or a little more than a capful from the pocket flask) with 32 oz/1 liter of water and consume as needed for thirst. More or less may be added to suit flavor and performance. A full serving (0.6 tsp/3 ml) may be mixed with as little as 8 oz/0.25 liters of water and consumed for a concentrated shot of electrolytes.
Teams: Mix 1/4 cup with 5 gallons/20 liters.

Can make over 20 gallons of electrolyte-fueled hydration

Refill Instructions
To refill the elete 24.6-ml pocket flask:

  • Remove the pocket bottle cap.
  • Remove the dropper tip from the pocket bottle by pulling the tip all the way to the side until it pops out.
  • Refill the pocket bottle.
  • Return the dropper tip by pushing the tip back in the pocket bottle.
Serving size: 0.6 teaspoon / 3ml (32 ounces of beverage mixed as directed)
Per Serving, contains: 83
45 mg Magnesium
390 mg Chloride
20 mg Sulfate
125 mg Sodium
130 mg Potassium
2 mg Zinc
Total Fat = 0 g
Total Carbs = 0 g
Total Protein = 0 g

Ingredients: Sea water, purified water, low-sodium sea mineral concentrate, citric acid (plant sources), potassium chloride, zinc sulfate.

Can make over 20 gallons of electrolyte-fueled hydration

What does elete add-in taste like?

Original elete Electrolyte Add-In at full concentration tastes salty.  When added to water, elete does not significantly alter the taste of water.

elete CitriLyte Add-In has a tart flavor. When mixed in water, it has a tart flavor similar to tap water with a lemon slide that's been added.

What is elete CitriLyte Add-In and how is it different from the original elete Electrolyte Add-In?
Both elete Electrolyte Add-In and elete CitriLyte Add-In share some similarities. Both are pure, liquid electrolyte concentrates designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of athletes during extended training and competition. Both make electrolyte water with minimal flavor. Both provide a complete balance of the electrolytes athletes lose in sweat and exertion. Neither contain calories, carbs, or artificial ingredients. Both allow athletes the freedom to dose as much or as little electrolytes as desired. However, there are some key points in which the products differ from one another.

elete CitriLyte Add-In features zinc and citric acid. Zinc is a trace mineral, meaning the body requires it in very small, or trace amounts. Zinc is important for mental and immune function. Citric acid occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables, notably citrus fruits. In biochemistry, it is an important intermediary in the citric acid cycle and it, therefore, occurs in the metabolism of humans and many species. When mixed in water, elete CitriLyte has a light, tart flavor, very similar to if you’d added a lemon slice or wedge to your water. CitriLyte allows athletes to significantly increase the dosage of electrolytes to their water without significantly altering water’s palatability. CitriLyte is ideal for those individuals sensitive to mineral flavor.

How is elete CitriLyte (and elete Electrolyte Add-In) different from sports drinks, gels, and other electrolyte products?
Most sports drinks, gels, and electrolyte-replacement products contain one (sodium) or two (sodium + potassium) electrolytes. While the sweet taste of sports punch can initially encourage drinking, in the long run, it can ultimately hinder fluid intake when athletes max out on sugar before meeting their electrolytes needs. Besides over-emphasizing sugar, many products over-emphasize salt, which is an electrolyte that is already in excess in the diet. elete Add-In products have a lower emphasis on sodium, but emphasize magnesium, an essential electrolyte often omitted from many hydration products because it is more expensive. Magnesium is essential to proper muscle function and it acts as the team captain of the electrolytes, ensuring that electrolytes are directed to where they are needed so they can perform their roles.

When should I use CitriLyte?
Like original elete Electrolyte Add-In, elete CitriLyte can be used before, during, or after training and competition. We recommend adding CitriLyte to your drinking water and sipping on it throughout the day to ensure optimal electrolyte status by building the body’s stores of electrolytes. You can also add CitriLyte to water during your workout to replace the electrolytes you are losing in sweat and muscle exertion. Using CitriLyte afterwards can support recovery.

Is elete safe to use in my hydration system?
Yes, it is.  elete does not contribute to the growth of mold or bacteria so it is fantastic for hydration systems. 

Can I take elete even if I'm not active?
Certainly. elete is designed for anyone who wants an alternative to high-priced, high-sugar, high-calorie sodas, juices, and sports drinks. Everyone can benefit from the electrolytes in elete. Electrolytes support a number of vital functions in the body. They not only allow your body to stay hydrated, but electrolytes help the brain and nervous system transmit and receive important signals, help the body's cells generate energy, and allow the muscles to contract and relax. Magnesium, for instance, is an essential mineral that is involved in more than 300 enzyme reactions in the body.

How should I store elete?
It's best to store elete in a cool, dry place, such as cupboard or drawer. There's no need to refrigerate elete.

How long will elete last once I've added it to my water?
Tests conducted by our lab show that elete, when added to bottled or tap water or even sports drinks, does not alter the shelf life of the beverage. You can consume any elete-fortified beverage the same way and in the same time period you would with water or your preferred sports drink.


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