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HEED Sports Drink - 32 Servings

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"Heed" your body's desire for a superior fuel
HEED's subtle tasting, all-complex carbohydrate formula goes down easily and supplies you with consistent, long-lasting energy and the electrolytes you need to keep pushing the pace. Because we add no citric acid to the formula, it will not burn your throat or stomach no matter how long you drink it. L-Carnosine and Chromium Polynicotinate help to buffer lactic acid and support stable blood glucose levels. Find out what a sports drink done right can do for your athletic performance.
Gluten Free No Simple Sugars Vegan Certified MSG Free crc dairy kosher certified

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HEED's Benefits
6:21:16 PM
Hammer Nutrition explains why HEED is a favorite of endurance athletes.

During Workout - Fuel an...
7:03:17 PM
Our During Workout products address your endurance sports nutrition needs while you're in the heat of the action, training or racing.

Electrolytes - Key to pr...
6:58:18 PM
Among other things, without electrolytes you wouldn't move a single muscle in your body. Got your attention?


"Heed" your body's desire for a superior fuel
Hammer HEED is a definite "step up" and welcome departure from the seemingly endless number of powdered sports drinks available to endurance athletes, giving you all the convenience of a powdered drink mix along with many added benefits not found in the vast majority of sports drinks. One of the primary flaws inherent with most sports drinks is their reliance on simple sugar as the carbohydrate source. The use of simple sugar such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose not only severely limits the amount of calories that can be efficiently digested and utilized for energy, it may cause wild fluctuations in energy levels. HEED's all-complex carbohydrate formula, on the other hand, allows you to obtain the ideal amount of calories you need, providing a more consistent and longer lasting energy supply, and without putting you at risk for stomach distress.

HEED also provides a complete and easily assimilated electrolyte profile, not just salt and potassium, which comprise the electrolyte "profile" of most other drinks. For some athletes, one or two level scoops of HEED will completely fulfill electrolyte requirements (in addition to caloric requirements). For other athletes, the electrolyte profile in HEED will provide an excellent base from which additional Endurolytes can be added to completely satisfy electrolyte needs. With added chromium polynicotinate for maintaining stable blood glucose levels and l-carnosine for buffering lactic acid, HEED is truly in a class of its on in the world of powdered sports drinks.

So whenever and wherever a sports drink is your preferred choice, heed your body's desire for a superior fuel. HEED is the only choice you need to make.

Added benefits:

  • Steady, consistent energy.
  • Buffer lactic acid.
  • Help prevent cramps.
  • Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly.
  • Contains no MSG.


HEED may be used as the sole fuel during exercise lasting up to two hours, fulfilling all your calorie and fluid requirements, and most-to-all of your electrolyte needs. HEED may also be used as a partial source of calories and electrolytes when exercising for periods in excess of two hours.

Mixing / Usage Instructions:
Mix 1-3 scoops (see chart below) of HEED in 16-24 ounces of water. Sip continuously during exercise.

Suggested Doses by Body Weight*:
  • Up to 120 pounds: up to 1.5 scoops/hour
  • 120-155 pounds: up to 2.5 scoops/hour
  • 155-190 pounds: up to 2.75 scoops/hour
  • 190+ pounds: up to 3 scoops/hour
*These are estimated doses. Each athlete should determine in training, under a variety of conditions, their personal optimum.

When training sessions or races go much longer than two hours, select Perpetuem as your primary fuel source. In these instances, HEED can still be used intermittently for variety as long as your total hourly caloric intake does not exceed your training determined maximum.

Each scoop of HEED contains the equivalent amount of electrolytes as approximately 2/3 of an Endurolytes capsule. For many athletes, under normal conditions, one or two scoops of HEED will completely fulfill electrolyte requirements. When heat stress increases significantly, you will need to consume additional Endurolytes.

Sample Flavor: Lemon-Lime
Serving Size 1 level scoop (29g)
1 level scoop = 67 cc = 4.5 tbsp = 13.6 tsp
 Amount Per Serving  % DV*
 Calories 100
  Calories from Fat 0
 Total Fat 0g  0%
   Saturated Fat 0g  0%
 Total Carbohydrate 27g 
    Sugars 2g  
 Protein 0g  0%
 Sodium 45mg  2%
 Chloride 60.6mg
 (as Sodium Chloride) 
 Calcium   6%
 Magnesium   8%
 Potassium 25mg  <1%
 Manganese   25%
 Chromium   20%
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
† Daily Value not established.
Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Xylitol, Natural Flavor, White Stevia, Sodium Chloride, L-Carnosine, Glycine, Calcium Chelate, Magnesium Chelate, Potassium Chelate, L-Tyrosine, Vitamin B6, Manganese Chelate, ChromeMate® brand Chromium Polynicotinate


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