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Annemarie Alf - Triathlete & Physical Therapist

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Annemarie Alf Photo on the beachMost proud of: Her time as a PT to the Chinese National Gymnastics team for the 2012 London Olympic Games achieving 8 medals, more than any other nation.

Sports: waterski jumping, triathlon, CrossFit


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Annemarie is licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She was the 1st American Physical Therapist to work with any Chinese Olympic Team at an Olympic Games. As the Performance Physical Therapist to the Men's and Women's Chinese Olympic Gymnastics Team she attended the 2012 London Olympic Games and provided daily evaluation and treatment of all gymnastics athletes. The Chinese Olympic Gymnastic team achieved 8 total gymnastics medals, more than any other nation. While in China, she was also a presenter to multiple Chinese National Teams and Provinces. Topics included: Integrated Functional Performance Training, Physical Therapy, and Nutrition; The Benefits of an Integrated System for Specific Gymnastic Performance and Injury Prevention- Physical Therapy in China. She also worked with Chinese Olympic athletes from the: beach volleyball, diving, volleyball, table tennis, judo, boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, track and field, women’s rugby, handball, and weightlifting teams.

Prior to her international travels, she developed a passion for training and working with athletes from youth, all the way up through elite and professional athletes. She has been the Sports Performance Director/Trainer for both Southern California and Arizona Gymnastics Programs, as well as many local soccer programs. She continues to work with Region 1 USA Gymnastics on injury prevention and performance enhancement as well as Medical Coverage for Invitational and Regional Championship meets.

In April 2014, Annemarie founded Olympus Movement and Mobility.

What is Olympus Movement and Mobility

In a day when the fitness and wellness industry confuses and over engineers the art of movement and mobility along comes clarity, in Olympus. We’ve done all the research and hard work so our clients are confident and well informed as to what truly heals and strengthens the modern athlete. Olympus is a holistic approach to you. It is not just about treating your injury, it’s about improving your overall movement, which will lead to increased performance. WE deliver a hands- on, top tiered professional approach. Emphasis and direction are placed on mobility, injury prevention, strength and conditioning; as well as regeneration and recovery to ensure that you are always prepared to train and compete at the highest level. Objective creates longevity and superior performance executed through a well- designed program. Treatment and mitigation of habits and trends that are proven detrimental to the athlete.

Career Highlights:

National Champion Waterski Jumper

Ironman Athlete

Annemarie Alf holding bicycleAnnemarie Alf doing pullups

annemarie Alf playing on the ringsAnnemarie Alf weight lifting




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