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Ben Berend - Nordic Combined

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Ben Berend cross country ski racing Most Proud of: I’m most proud of the fact that I found what I love to do and I’m pursuing it with everything I have.

Sport: Nordic Combined (Ski Jumping and Cross Country Skiing), road biking in the off season.

Website: Twitter: @BenjaminBerend

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Ben Berend is a Nordic Combined Skier born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. At the age of seven, he strapped on ski jumping skis for the first time and launched off a little bump of a jump. From that day on, he's been hooked. Since then he's either been ski jumping or cross country skiing on a daily basis, and at a young age he realized my desire to take this sport as far as he could. He'll never forget seeing Bill Demong win the Gold Medal in Vancouver for Nordic Combined. This was amazing from an American in a European dominated sport. He wanted to become a part of this American success. In 2011, when Ben was 16 years old, he started to win some regional and national competitions. When he was 17, Ben had a rude awakening. He began competing in international competitions and had his confidence absolutely squashed. His World Cup B results the following year looked something like, 36th, 50th, 38th, and 52nd. He was the top American finisher at the World Junior Championships in 26th place.  After that winter he stepped back and realized he had a long ways to go if he wanted to achieve his goal of making the US Ski Team, and someday the Olympic Team.

In 2013, he decided to take a gap year from school and pursue his dream. He began working harder than ever. The season had been great and shows that hard work always pays off. In the first World Cup B of the season he finished in 14th place, surprising everyone including myself. He followed that up with a 23rd place. He did not qualify for the Olympics, however it was a great experience. He then went on to Europe competing in an assortment of World Cup, World Cup B, and World Junior Championships. His dreams are coming true and he's still hungry for more!

Career Highlights:
26th at World Junior Championships 2013
14th place World Cup B 2013
23rd place World Cup B 2013
9th place Olympic Trials 2013
First World Cup Start 2014

Ben Berend Ski JumpingBen Berend competing in nordic combined

Ben Berend training on his road bike

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