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Shaun Provost - Obstacle Course Racing

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Most proud of: While I enjoy pushing myself to my mental and physical limits and attaining goals in training and races, I thoroughly enjoy helping others in their journey to reach theirs.  I am also very inspired when I run for charity – raising awareness and financial aid for different communities in need.

Sports:Obstacle Course Racing, Road Running, Trail Running, Kickboxing, Gymnastics, Yoga
Instagram/twitter – unbreakabkle_sp

Read Shaun's Nutrition Plan here

'Feed The Machine is my nutritional rock!  When I originally got into running and OCRs, I wasn't using any kind of nutritional supplement at all, and I wasn't taking very good care of my body.  After doing a bunch of research, I stumbled upon FTM and have never looked back.  They have literally everything I need and are always more than willing to help me find or choose the next supplement, and I know that I can count on it to work.  I've noticed significant improvements in my performance as well as my recovery since using FTM, and I can't thank them enough!'

Shaun has been involved in competitive sports her whole life, predominantly gymnastics from age 4 – 18. Throughout college, she practiced gymnastics recreationally and competed in diving before injuring her knees and back. After a brief recuperation time, Shaun got back to training, but this time, as a runner.

With a solid sports background, Shaun became interested in testing her physical and mental limits through obstacle course racing. Starting with a Spartan Race Hurricane Heat in 2012, she soon became hungry for more. She’s now focused on training and competing with other professional athletes in obstacle course races around the world, ranging from 5k through marathon distance… while still taking time out for flips on the beach!

Career highlights:
•    9/22/12 - Spartan Ultra Beast –  11h 23m 57s (2/12 age 20-24, 10/58 by sex, 81/336 overall) 336 started, only 160 finished
•    10/20/12 - Hip Hip Her Race – 5k – First Place Finisher
•    11/18/12 - Fenway Time Trial Round 2 –Third fastest time of all racers 11/17 & 11/18  First Place Finisher Elite Heat
•    4/6/13 - Tortoise and the Hare 10k - First Place Finisher
•    4/13/13 - Citi Field Spartan Sprint - First Place Finisher Elite Heat
•    8/10/13 New England Spartan Sprint -  Second Place Female Finisher Elite Heat
•    10/19/13 – Hip Hip Her Race – 5k – First Place Finisher
•    10/20/13 Baystate Marathon - 3:58:04
•    4/12/14 Citi Field Spartan Sprint – First Place Finisher Elite Heat

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shuan provost obsticle racingshaun provost obsticle racing




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