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Nutrition Plan - Triathlete - Mike Lestingi

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Mike Lestinghli Triathlete Triathlete - Mike Lestingi - shares how his commitment to a nutrition plan and good attitude goes a long way.

Do you have a health condition or allergy (ex: gluten intolerance) that requires you to have a special nutrition plan?
I don’t have any food allergies that requires a special nutrition plan, which is a good thing because I love to eat!

Do you follow a specific diet (ex: vegetarian, paleolithic etc…). If so, describe it and explain how is it benefiting you?
I don’t follow a specific diet and I don’t like use the word diet, it makes people self-conscious.  I prefer to use the word “plan”.  I eat mostly white meats, rarely red meat as it takes too long to digest in my system.  I build vegetables and carbs around each meal, but depending on the time of year and what I’m training for, I will adjust the “plan” accordingly to fit the need.  I have to admit that I love pasta and I probably eat it more than I should..

Do you supplement daily with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids,amino acids etc…?
I supplement my diet with a combination of FTM SportMulti, Hammer Anti-Fatigue Caps, Race Caps Supreme and Hammer Endurance Amino acids on a daily basis. Over the past year I added SFH PUSH as a pre-workout drink. It’s excellent and I’m very happy with the impact that it has on my training and racing. Recently I was introduced to Proven Nutrition’s CORE which I drink daily for a refreshing healthy boost.

What’s your pre-workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan?
Before a race or a hard/long training day, I like to eat at least 2 hours before the event, but no less than 1 hour before training. I have the same thing every time which is egg whites, turkey bacon and a whole wheat English muffin. I don’t drink coffee, sodas or juice, so I will have a bottled water as well. About an hour before a race I will have a Honey Stinger Waffle, usually Strawberry or Lemon (my favorites), and I’ll sip on a bottle of water with Skratch Lab lemon-lime added to it in addition to the supplements, and I’ll take a salt tablet to help with muscle fatigue.

What’s your during workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan?
During a long training day on the bike I will keep it very simple for nutrition. I drink water with Skratch Lab lemon-lime and will have a Stinger Waffle or 2. I like the flavor and the small amount of calories in Skratch Lab drink mixes. They’re easy on the stomach and not too sweet. If my training run is longer than an hour, I will drink water with Skratch Lab, but usually I don’t take anything if shorter than an hour. Since I mainly focus on the Olympic distance triathlons I will have water mixed with Skratch lemon-lime and will take a salt tablet during the race. I’ll only take in water on the run part of a triathlon since I know how that reacts to my body, and I’m not sure how the electrolyte drink they usually hand out will hit me.

What’s your post-workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan?
Post race, I try to get food or calories in me asap, so after a water or 2 I go for a good recovery drink like SFH Chocolate or Vanilla recovery drink. Can’t go wrong with either flavor. I will also get the supplements in the body soon after I finish, so they can start working on rebuilding process. And if the race has a beer garden at the finish…I just might visit!

Do you compete in different types of events (ex: different distances or formats)? If so, is your nutrition/hydration plan different for each event?
During the triathlon season, I mainly focus on the Olympic distance. I find that distance suits my talents best. I will occasionally do a 70.3 Ironman, but not often. After the Tri season ends, I will focus on ½ marathons. I like to run, so this is a nice way to keep the fitness up and the competitive juices flowing during the tri off season.

Any other nutrition/hydration secrets you’d like to share?
No secret, just go with what works for you. Take what you like, and don’t let someone else tell you that “you should be taking this”, and definitely don’t experiment with something new on a race day. The off season is a great time to try new stuff, it’s how I found SFH and CORE.






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