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Ben Morris - Mountain Biking, Ultrarunning, & Triathlons

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Ben MorrisMost proud of: Becoming aware of the beauty of nature and helping my daughter understand the Universe.

Sports: endurance mountain biking, ultrarunning, triathlons. 


Twitter: @benmorris & @exercisetech 

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“Whatever physical pursuit, you need energy, and Feed The Machine gives you energy for your brain and body. Knowledge and Supplements. One Two Punch."

Ben got the bug for endurance sports in college when he rowed for his university crew. As he’ll tell you, he didn’t have the biggest engine, but his technique was impressive. He tends to be more of a “head” athlete than a “heart” athlete, and he usually finds a way to succeed based on preparation, race planning, and strategy. Nutrition and diet research is a major part of his life. He’s trained with world champion endurance athletes at Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) across the US. “Training prepares you for races”, serves as his motto. He hopes to be racing at over 100 years old and believes that the potential of every human being can be increased through the power of belief. 

Career Highlights:
Race La Ruta: finished in top 10 in age group
Raced multiple Xterra trail races with top 10 finishes in age group
Multiple Olympic distance triathlon finishes

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