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Cynthia Morales - Mountain biking, Paddleboarding, & Triathlons

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Cynthia MoralesMost Proud Of: Being the person who taught her nieces and nephews what the word “adventure” meant.
Sports: Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Paddleboarding  

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Cynthia grew up near the cornfields of Illinois where she spent much of her childhood playing outside. She is a self-proclaimed “tomboy” who roller skated, biked, swam, climbed trees and played whatever outdoor game was going on in the neighborhood. Despite her enthusiastic participation and competitive spirit, she never felt like she was “good” at anything. In high school she competed in track and cross-country as well as basketball. In college she discovered Ultimate Frisbee. It wasn’t until her mid-thirties that she reconnected with running, swimming and cycling and started triathlon training. With triathlon, Cynthia discovered that her passion was setting seemingly impossible goals and accomplishing them. While she always wishes she could make the podium, being “good” has a different meaning now. Training and committing to achieving goals in sport and fitness has translated to other aspects of the non-athletic aspects of her life. She enjoys supporting and encouraging others achieve their goals. Having completed her second ironman distance triathlon this year, she has decided that the next challenge she will take on is mountain bike racing!

Career Highlights:
2013: Ironman Florida
2014: New York Marathon
2014: Key Biscayne Xterra Off-Road Triathlon (2nd place AG)
2015: Ironman South Africa African Championship 

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