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Craig Fowler - Cycling, Hiking, & Skiing

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Most Proud Of:  Completing the One of Seven Project
Sports:  Cycling (XC, CX, Bike-packing and Road), Hiking, Skiing (Nordic and Backcountry) Fishing and Disc Golf

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Craig grew up in Southern Easton, MA with 1000 acres of woods behind his house. As a child, he went camping, fishing, and hiking. He spent a lot of time in the woods. Building forts, playing war, or just exploring was an everyday occurrence. 

He was never one for team sports. During his junior high and high school years, he raced quads. He also found his love for cycling during this time. Though he rode bikes as a kid, it wasn't until he was 17 that he realized how much it meant to him. It was likely the combination of getting a mountain bike and being able to drive that opened his eyes to the possibilities of exploration - in college that love blossomed. At times during his 29 years of cycling Craig has needed time off the bike, and hiking has filled that need. It's great for him to slow down and really get engrossed in nature. To Craig, hiking is simplistic and therapeutic.

His goals in life are to keep exploring, see new places and to stay active. Staying active has kept him young in mind and body - and that is motivation in and of itself. Craig is most passionate about the outdoors and pushing his limits while exploring the world around him.

 In 2017 Fowler created the One of Seven Project. The goal was to become the FIRST person in history to have completed both the Thru-hiking and Bikepacking Triple Crowns. Already a Thru-hiking Triple Crowner, Craig raced the Tour Divide from Banff, AB to Antelope Wells, NM 2660.8 miles, the Colorado Trail Race from Durango to Denver, CO 538.9 miles and finally the Arizona Trail Race from the Mexico border to the Utah border 757 miles. 
Upon completing the One of Seven Project, Fowler refocused the project to give back to others. The new focus of the Project is to encourage others to truly know themselves and their passions, and to follow them. The Project seeks to breakdown barriers both mentally and physically to help others follow their passions. 
Fowler did this by building bike packing guides for the trails he raced, accompanied by a collection of resources pages to go with those guides, and he created the Passion Profiles, short interviews aimed at highlighting those who exhibit passion on a higher level in hopes of inspiring others.

Career Highlights: 
1990 2nd Place Pro 4-stroke Quad
2001 Thru-hiked Appalachian Trail
2003 Thru-hiked Long Trail  
2007 Washington State Men’s B Cyclocross Champion
2007 Thru-hiked Pacific Crest Trail
2015 Thru-hiked Continental Divide Trail
4x MAD Racing Master A Cyclocross Champion
2017 Tour Divide, 14th
2017 Colorado Trail, 7th 
2017 Arizona Trail 14th
Currently, the only person to have done both the Thru-hiking and Bikepacking Triple Crowns.

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