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Ryan Chapman - Running, Cycling & Bodyboarding

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Ryan ChapmanMost Proud of: My ability to come back from a pretty serious motorcycle accident which left me with a compound femur fracture, shattered patella, and two broken hands.                                           Sports:  Running, Cycling & Bodyboarding            Website:

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''I shop at Feed The Machine because they offer only the most sought after products and are always well versed on the latest trends. I am very happy that FTM is right down the street from my house, so I can stop in and get UCAN bars whenever I need some fuel.''

Born in Redondo Beach and raised in Torrance, Ryan started playing soccer when he was six years old and was immediately placed as forward due to his naturally thin frame. He played from there up until about a year ago, when he had had it with getting kicked in the foot numerous times each game. His sister signed him up for the Redondo Beach Super Bowl 5K last year, and after running that race he was hooked. He has been competing at a high level ever since.

Ryan's goal is to eventually have his own brand of supplements and create a health system which will make it easier for people to achieve superior health. He is super passionate about healthy living and making outdoor activity a priority to maintain optimal well-being.  

Career Highlights:
Placed 3rd in '''The Hills are Alive'' 5K in Rolling Hills,CA
Placed 1st in age group & 6th overall in Lexus Lace Up Running Series

Ryan Chapman 


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