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Nutrition Plan - Multisport - Ryan Chapman

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Ryan Chapman is passionate about healthy living and overall well-being. He has experimented with different fuel strategies and finds the ketogenic diet to be the most beneficial for anything from running to bodyboarding. Read his views on the diet and his supplement strategy in this nutrition questionnaire.

Do you follow a specific diet plan?
Yes, I follow a predominantly ketogenic diet, which encompasses lots of healthy fats, moderate protein, and minimal amounts of carbohydrates. It benefits me by keeping me lean, preserving my muscle mass and increasing my mental acuity. Ketogenic diets have been shown to enhance brain potential by increasing the presence of a protein called BDNF, which increases neurogenesis. I do it mostly for the effects it has on the brain, but it also helps increase my endurance as well. I also eat copious amount of raw cheese and celery.

Do you have a health condition or allergy?
No, I do not, but I typically try to avoid gluten as much as I can.  I’ve read all the books like “Wheat Belly” and “Grain Brain”, so I’m definitely aware of the damaging effects it can have on the body and the immune system. Definitely not going to hassle a waiter on the matter though.

Do you supplement daily?
Yes, I'm an avid supplementer. I use lots of stuff!.  My main things are magnesium glycinate (similar to Hammer's Anti-Fatigue Caps), Omega 3 (Klean Omega and Hammer EndurOmega), Joint Support (Mdrive Joint and Tissue Rejuvenator), Probiotics (Hammer Digest Caps, Klean Probiotic) and a multivitamin like SportMulti that contains all the necessary B-complex viatmins.

What’s your pre-workout/competition plan?
I definitely rely on a good amount of salt pre-workout like Klean Electrolytes, to make sure I have the electrolytes I need to sustain my speed. I also use Core by Proven Nutrition about 30 minutes before a race to give me a little nitric oxide boost and muscle fuel. Sometimes I’ll also use some GU Roctane Gel for those additional aminos. [FTM: Many of our athletes will also use Nuun Energy pre-workout as it's loaded with B vitamins.] 

What’s your during workout plan?
I try to keep it pretty simple, lately I’ve been using something called a Hydrapak SF150, in which I'll put a couple ounces of coconut water with a nice pinch of salt or Nuun Active Hydration. The Hydrapak is a tiny water bottle, that is just light enough not to interfere with my speed but also big enough to get a few nice sips while blazing down the pavement.  

What’s you post-workout plan?
Usually a slurpee from 7 eleven and a couple glazed donuts. Just kidding!! My post-workout plan is more often than not a protein shake containing: Egg Protein, two tablespoons of coconut flakes, two tablespoons of almond butter, scoop of protein, 2 grams of creatine monohydrate, and a scoop of Maca for energy. [FTM: see our Post Workout catagory for suggestions on already prepared Post-Workout drinks]. After I consume this I’ll usually follow it with a UCAN Starch chocolate bar, yumm yumm! 

Do you compete in different types of events?
Not yet, I am trying to master the 5K right now, but look forward to branching out and possibly trying my hand at a triathlon and maybe even some rowing too. I’m still relatively new at this so i'm still taking notes and learning from the masters who’ve been generous in sharing their knowledge.

Any other nutrition secrets you'd like to share?
Yes, I’ve found a great addition to any endurance regimen is red meat due to it’s high amount of heme iron. I will usually have some the night before a big race to give my body the energy it needs to sustain a strong pace. That and ozone water, those are my secrets for bringing the body into a state of peak performance. 

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