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Tommy Cassano - Ultra Trail Running, Boxing & Powerlifting

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Tommy GlovesMost Proud Of:  Constantly challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone. The path to true happiness & true calling is always under construction, you must constantly be fueling the fire - mind, body, and soul. This is evident in my journey to develop the platform where I filmed workout videos in National Parks & iconic locations around the country. 

Sports: Ultra Trail Running, Boxing, RKC Kettlebell Certified, Elite Trainer; Executive Coach, 4-year football player at Colgate University


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Tommy grew up in South Jersey (suburb of Philadelphia) playing every sport you can think of from football, basketball, wrestling, to baseball since age 7. This continued to football and wrestling in high school, then division 1-AA football at Colgate University. His goal has always been to push himself to higher limits in every sport, venture, or physical challenge that he pursues. He is passionate about making people feel and look their absolute best which goes hand in hand with being a trainer. But this starts with making sure he is the most fit – body and mind – that he can possibly be. Tommy spends hours in the wild creating the fitness platform in conjunction with training for ultra trail running & coaching executive clients online. He comes from an outdoor family so it feels at home running and conquering mountains for hours at a time. His goal is to take his ultra running to the next level and be a consistent top 10 finisher. 

Career Highlights: 
2020 Silverton Alpines 50k
2017 Wild Wild West, Lone Pine 50-Miler
2017 Avalon Ultra 50-Miler
2015 Chimera Ultra 100-mile trail race finisher
2015 Kodiak Ultra 100-mile trail race finisher
2014 Santa Barbara Red Rock 50-mile trail race finisher
Colgate University – 3-time Patriot League Champion, Winningest team in Colgate Football history

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