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Field Test - Huma Chia Energy Gels

Author:Ryan Chapman
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Ryan Chapman is involved in several athletic pursuits including running and bodyboarding. He is passionate about nutrition, and is always on the lookout for a great protein to give him the recovery and nutrients he needs. He is an avid supplement user and typically follows a ketogenic diet and avoids gluten. Ryan tested two different gels, the Hüma Chia Energy Gel and the Hüma+ Energy Gel during a long beach run.

Hüma​ Chia Energy Gel - Lemonade 

THE GOODhuma energy gel lemonade

Taste: Holy cow this was tasty. Not usually a fan of lemonade because nobody seems to get it to mimic the taste, but this somehow tastes like freshly squeezed lemonade made by somebody's grandmother. No joke.

Energy: I first used this during a longer beach run about halfway through to keep me going strong, and that it did.

Chia: The incorporation of chia into the gels is pure genius as far as I'm concerned.  The anti-inflammatory effects of the ALA (alpha linolenic acid) naturally found in the seeds helps to combat general inflammation.

KEEP IN MIND - The lemonade flavor contains caffeine at around 25 mg, that typically found in a quarter cup of coffee. If sensitive use before 5pm.  

Hüma​+ Energy Gel - Berries & Pomegranate 


Taste: This was by far the tastiest gel that I've tried. What a mixture of flavors!Huma+ Energy Gel

Energy: At around 24 grams of carbs, this was something I tried after some track intervals in order to get my energy levels back up quick. Surprisingly the chia didn't seem too heavy on my stomach, sometimes a little filling, it was just right. 

KEEP IN MIND The Berries & Pomegranate flavor is caffeine free, so anyone looking for more of a boost, might want to consider the other flavors that incorporate caffeine.

They guys at Hüma really know what they are doing when it comes to flavor. These gels truly taste amazing. They function similar to other gels you may have tried, in texture and consistency, but the added chia really make them unique. I was very pleased with the results and will totally use huma again.

To see Ryan's full nutrition plan, click here.

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