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Nutrition Plan - Hiking - Craig Fowler

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Craig Fowler HikingCraig Fowler likes to keep it simple when it comes to nutrition. He is always game for testing out new strategies and is always trying to find ways to keep it exciting on long endeavors such as thru-hiking or bikepacking. He is still working on nailing his nutrition plan but has some solid staples he takes with him on every hike or bike trip. Learn about his current nutrition plan in this questionnaire. 

What products do you currently use from FTM? What do you use them for? 
I use SportMulti, Energy Bars (Like Picky Bars Real Food Energy Bars), GU Energy Gels, Honey Stinger Waffles and Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews, and Skratch Labs hydration mix.  I mainly use it around travel and as a daily vitamin.  I use all of the mentioned on the bike and while hiking. 

What is your nutrition strategy when you bike or hike?
Under 1 hour - just water no food (possibly electrolytes if it's really hot, like Skratch or Nuun)
1-2 hours - water/electrolytes and a bar/gel/chew (may or may not be eaten)
2-4 hours water/electrolytes and 1-2 bars/gels/chews
4+ hours water/electrolytes and 2-3+ bars/gels/chews; a sandwich and snacks (cookies or candy and maybe an apple, grapes or some other type of fruit). 

When gearing up for a long hike, how do you plan your nutrition strategy? Do you take carbs, proteins, fats? Do you take supplements?
On my last hike, I knew I wanted more calories as I lost around 20 lbs on each of the first two.  I changed up my morning shake - mixed vegetable juice powder with powdered milk, powdered peanut butter, and hemp.  I also took SportMulti. 

I never look at the balance of carbs, proteins or fats much.  To be honest this is an area I'll be using FTM's Lab to help me with in future.  Like many athletes' higher complex levels of nutritional balance are beyond me.  As a result, my main goal on long hikes is to have a menu in place that I hopefully don't get sick of.  Options are already limited in the backcountry so keeping it appealing can be tough.
What do you do for hydration? How much? When? Any electrolyte drinks (what kinds)? 
Hydration on the trail is mainly water.  Depending on how much extra weight I want to carry I'll bring Skratch Labs Exercise Mix Lemons & Limes,  or Nuun. For times when I just want something sweet, I'll just bring sugary ice tea or lemonade single serving packages. On the bike, I've been known to pack a Coke or two between towns on long stretches

I enjoyed having the Skratch Labs at night with my evening meal to help my body recover from the long day.  The electrolytes (like Nuun) and lemonade were used to break up the monotony of drinking just water.

Most mornings while hiking I can cover anywhere from 10-15 miles and only consume 1-2 liters of water.  I've become good at being a camel and can go pretty far without water.

How do you recover after a long hike/event? Short hike? 
I try to drink water, take SportMulti, and probably eat something sweet to get simple sugars into my system.

Is there anything you do daily? SportMulti

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