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Aaron Dalrymple - Mountain Biking & Cycling

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Aaron DalrympleMost Proud Of: There is not one specific event I’m most proud of, but rather the consistent progression I’ve made from year to year. I started exclusively focusing on cycling and mountain biking about 5 years ago, and every year I’ve been able to see improvements in different areas, such as power, endurance, race tactics, and technical skills. I’m proud in how I’ve adapted my approach and training schedule. I really enjoy researching better and more efficient ways to train and then applying different approaches to specific areas I want to improve on. I think being able to evolve is very important in this sport. Keep an open mind and always be looking for innovative ways to improve performance and stay motivated. 

Sports:Mountain Biking and Cycling. 


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Aaron grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and he's been moving West ever since he graduated high school and has living in SoCal for almost 10 years. He originally got into mountain biking through Adventure Racing when he was living in Texas. He was recovering from a rugby injury and was looking for something to do. After his first race, he was hooked. Aaron is very passionate about mountain biking and cycling. He loves competing and follows the sport closely. He especially loves the Spring Classics, particularly Paris-Roubaix and Flanders! He also follows the mountain bike world cup.

Aaron has spent time in France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain riding across the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites. His goals change every year, but the most important thing is to improve. Right now he's focused on cross country racing. He comes from more of an endurance background (Leadville, Ironmans, etc.) but now it’s all about a hard two hour effort. Going forward his goals are to do well in the Kenda Cup Series, the California State Championship and Nationals. 

Career Highlights:

•    Finishing the Leadville mile 100 mountain bike race twice (big belt buckle both times), and finishing in the top 80 overall
•    Finishing the Tahoe Sierra 100 mile mountain bike race twice
•    Winning the Colorado State XC Championship in 2013
•    Winning local mountain bike races: Keyesville Classic, Racers and Chaser, etc. 
•    Completing 3 Ironmans (in my former life!)
•    Being competitive in Cat 1 mountain bike races in California

Aaron DalrympleAaron Dalrymple

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