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Nutrition Plan - Multisport - Slater Fletcher

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Slater Fletcher TriathleteElite triathlete and multisport athlete - Slater Fletcher - shares his nutrition habits and what allows him to perform so well at ultra distance racing.

Do you have a health condition or allergy (ex: gluten intolerance) that requires you to have a special nutrition plan?
No. However, I do avoid gluten due to the nasal congestion I get from excessive amounts of it.

Do you follow a specific diet (ex: vegetarian, paleolithic etc…). If so, describe it and explain how is it benefiting you?
No. I do try to focus on vegetables, fruits and good fats. In addition to limiting gluten, I also limit dairy products because of the same reasons for limiting gluten and the bad fats associated with them.

Do you supplement daily with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids,amino acids etc…?
Yes. I use SportMulti, Omega 3 oils and Tissue Rejuvenator daily

What’s your pre-workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan?
Nothing special - Typical breakfast is oatmeal, eggs and just water or some coffee

What’s your during workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan?

It depends on the length of the workout/race but if it is less than 2 hours I typically just use a carbohydrate type Sports Drink and water.  Beyond 2 hours, I will introduce electrolytes (Nuun or Saltsticks) and some protein from bars or a Sports Drink enhanced with amino acids. 

What’s your post-workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan?

A carbohydrate and protein rich Post Workout drink within 30min post session and plenty of water depending on heat and dehydration levels.  If it is longer than 3-4 hours, I will follow up with more protein powder and a good balanced meal within an hour.

Do you compete in different types of events (ex: different distances or formats)? If so, is your nutrition/hydration plan different for each event?
Yes, my events are all over the map for distances and format. That is what I love.  The basic rule I have used is that over 3 hours I will just introduce more variety in the calories that I consume. When I race for over 10 hours, I am taking down everything I see in front of me!

Any other nutrition/hydration secrets you’d like to share?
I have two - If you are a productive athlete, you need FUEL and FLEXIBILITY to be consistent...and consistency is everything. 

If you are an endurance athlete you are burning enough calories so don't try to lose weight by cutting back when you are hungry.  If you are eating the right foods you will be full without overeating and be fueled for you following workouts. It's all about eating nutrient dense foods that supply your needs and not filling up on crap. 

Don't become a slave to your nutrition plan!  As much as I avoid gluten, I realize that sometimes it causes more stress to try to avoid it...the same can be said for cookies from time to time!  If you are not a slave to your nutrition plan, you will be able to keep it for life or it will take all the focus of your life. Implement small changes into your lifestyle and never look back but allow yourself to take some curves at times. 

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