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Nutrition Plan - Cycling - Michael Hotten

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Michael HottenMichael Hotten was born in Seattle but grew up in Northern California. His career brought him to SoCal. He loved golf but was getting tired of Golf’s pace of play, then one day he tuned into the Tour De France and since then he's been hooked on cycling. He now cycles with the Hot Wheels Cycling Team. He focuses on fueling with the food he makes in his own kitchen, and supplements with electrolytes, protein, and BCAAs to perform at his best. Read more in this Nutrition Q&A. 

Do you follow a specific diet (ex: vegetarian, Paleolithic etc…). If so, describe it and explain how is it benefitting you?
I’m a home cook. I try to focus on plants but am not shy about having a steak or a nice sausage. I try to eat and make food my grandmother would recognize. 

Do you have a health condition or allergy that requires you to have a special nutrition plan? No.

Do you supplement daily with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids etc…?
I use protein powder (such as SFH Pure Protein), BCAAs (such as Klean Athlete BCCA + PEAK), Beta Alanine (such as Proven Athlete's BETA), Magnesium and Calcium when I sweat a lot [FTM: visit our Electrolytes category

What’s your pre-workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan?
Good breakfast, usually steel cut oats. Coffee! If it’s hot, a pre hydration drink such as Skratch Hydration.

What’s your during workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan?
Food in the pocket, hydration in the bottle. Most calories are foods I make: potatoes, sandwich. A nutrition bar and/or chews late in the ride/race. Bottles have a low ratio of carbs to H2O to increase water uptake: Nuun and  Skratch Labs. I also like to use real food energy such as Trail Butter and Bonk Breaker Energy Bars. I also like to use CLIF SHOT BLOKS chews during and I will sometimes do a Coke late in a long event.  

What’s your post-workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan?
A good hit of fast absorbing protein with some carbs. Then a shower. Then a full meal. I always try to keep a water bottle in my hand unless a beer gets in the way. 

Do you compete in different types of events (ex: different distances or formats)? If so, is your nutrition/hydration plan that’s different for each event?
Mostly participate in longer events but do enough sub 2hr races to have an alternate strategy. For time trials, I will not eat as much prior to the event. 

Any other nutrition/hydration secrets you’d like to share?
Training rides are for trying out new foods and mixes. On race day, go with your gut…. In other words, don’t mess up your stomach with stuff you have not trained on. 

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