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Field Test - Beta Red Pre-workout Performance Formula

Author:Britt Maughan RD
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Pre-workout supplements provide a great way to deliver both physical and mental energy fast – and whether you’re preparing for a race, competition, or simply want an extra boost, this is a great way to help you perform at your best. Pre-workout supplements can do anything from provide mental energy (such as caffeine or vitamins), provide increased blood flow and improve muscle recovery (such as Citrulline Malate), and delay muscle fatigue (with supplement such as amino acids, like Beta alanine). Many pre-workout supplements may be continued throughout physical activity (as with endurance races that last several hours) to continue to receive benefits. 

There are a number of pre-workout supplements out there – many of which contain unknown and possibly harmful ingredients (such as artificial sweeteners, coloring agents, and benzoate preservatives with cancer-causing potential) in their ‘’proprietary blends’’. Many times the actual ingredients aren’t listed in these ‘’blends’’, and the key ingredients you actually want to benefit from aren’t in amounts strong enough to produce results (1).

That being said – at FTM, we only carry supplements we believe to be the best on the market, that actually provide effective amounts of key quality ingredients to produce results. Below is a field test of one of our favorite pre-workout products, Beta Red Pre-Workout Performance Formula by Enduro Bites


Taste – I was anxious at first, with a flavor like ‘’Clean Beet’’ it’s hard to know what to expect. I was delightfully surprised! I was expecting the dirty earthy flavor of beets, but it was similar to a very watered down berry tea, or watered down cranberry juice (the real stuff, not the sweet cocktail juice). It almost had no flavor at all, and was easy to drink. 

Mixing  The powder mixed instantly and with the scoop and bag, you can mix a small dose (I tried Beta Red Pre-Workouthalf a scoop with 4-6 oz of water) or you can do a double scoop to manage how much you want for your workout. It produced a bright red juice, like beet or cranberry juice, with no clumps. 

Ingredients – I loved seeing such a simple list of ingredients for a pre-workout drink. At CrossFit, I see the whole gamut from my students with some crazy ingredients listed and warnings about how much you can take (yikes!). Ingredients are simply listed as: Beta vulgaris (Beet) juice powder, Betaine (from beets), Citrulline malate (amino acid), Beta alanine (amino acid), Maltodextrin (starch), Citric acid, Rebiana (natural sweetener made from stevia), and Natural flavor. Beta Red is also free of banned substances – a valid claim that many pre-workout supplements cannot make. 

Beets – Beets are a great source of natural nitrate. These compounds are a precursor to Nitric Oxide. NO is made in our body, but we can increase NO by eating nitrate reach food. NO acts as a vasodilator (among other things) in functioning muscle, increasing the size of blood vessels to allow more oxygen to flow which allows you to perform better and recover faster. (3).

Performance – I tested a half scoop for an hour long run and (separately) for an hour long CrossFit class. I noticed the effects of the Beta alanine (the tingles) about 10-15 minutes after drinking Beta Red. The first mile of my run felt like a breeze – the Citrulline malate was doing its job in providing increased circulation, and I didn’t get that rough start feeling that I generally get (I’m not an avid runner, so the first mile always kicks my butt). For the CrossFit workout, this boost really helped get through the workout and avoid that mid-workout crash I sometimes feel. 


Beta alanineBeta alanine's primary focus is to buffer acidity, it does this by binding to histidine in the muscle, producing carnosine which fights the build-up of hydrogen (hydrogen lowers the pH of the muscles, leads to an acidic environment and causes muscle fatigue). Everyone responds differently to beta alanine, and it is associated with a tingly or prickly sensation. This is simply the result of nerve endings underneath the skin which are stimulated and firing at a higher than normal rate. It is not cause for concern and is experience by the majority of beta alanine users. For new users it will be felt the strongest and will gradually become less powerful after continued use (2). Just get to workin’out, and you won’t notice it! 

Timing – The directions say to consume 60-90 minutes prior to exercise. Depending on your reaction beta red powderto Beta alanine, you could get away with 30-60 minutes prior to exercise. Either way, be sure to test it out prior to any major race or competition to see when it affects you, and when you should time it out. You can also continue to take Beta Red every 2 hours during long races and training sessions. 

Servings – You can do any combo of servings with this product. Directions say to mix 1 scoop with 8-12 oz of water, but you could easily do a half serving with 4-6 oz or a double serving with 8-24 oz, it’s not a strong tasting drink by any means, so the liquid to powder ratio doesn’t really make a huge difference. You can also mix Beta Red with a carbohydrate/electrolyte formula instead of just water for added electrolytes and calories. 

Loading tips – On their site, Beta Red gives some great direction on cyclocross and ironman loading. For cyclocross – take 1-2 servings 2 hours before the race, then have another approx. 30 minutes before starting. Load a minimum of 1 dose per day the 2 days prior to priority races. For Ironman/half ironman distance – load a minimum of 3 days prior to race at 2 doses per day to maximum saturation and effect over race distance. Consume an additional dose during every 2 hours mixed with your normal carb/electrolyte formula. 


Pre-workout supplements offer a great mental and physical energy boost, while at the same time helps delay muscle fatigue and starts the muscle recovery process. Beta Red offers a great product that has quality ingredients, each chosen with a specific purpose in mind. Beta Red contains a great combo of amino acids - including Beta Alanine and Citrulline malate that help increase blood flow and delay muscle fatigue during your workouts. Add these to the great benefits of beets, and you have yourself a killer combo for any athlete. At FTM, we love this product, its easy mixing, super mild taste, and its quality ingredients. It's one of our go-to products for both pre-workout and during long endurance events. It's a great product for any athlete and can be mixed at different levels to fit your needs. 


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