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Field Test - CORE Daily Health Drink

Author:Britt Maughan
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proven nutrition core

Proven Nutrition offers a great line of total-body health supplements. We especially love their refreshing all-natural drink mix, CORE. This is an any time of day health and hydration drink that offers a variety of benefits and is a great addition to anyone’s daily nutrition and supplement program.

Taste – It is surprisingly sweet, but not overly sweet – and doesn’t leave a sweet taste on the tongue after drinking. It uses organic cane sugar, micro-dried blueberries and stevia to make a refreshing and tasty flavor.

Ingredients – Proven Nutrition is a great company that focuses on staying away from artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors or stimulants. They really focus on quality ingredients to not only make their product taste good, but pack it full of amazing benefits, with each ingredient included for a specific purpose in mind.

Benefits – CORE offers a healthy list of benefits including: sustained non-stimulant energy and focus, natural refreshment and hydration, critical amino acids for muscle, immune system, and cardiovascular maintenance. CORE also contains a natural ancient Ayurvedic herb, Cissus Quadrangularis, shown to heal and maintain joint and bone health. With this list of benefits, really anyone can get a health boost by using this product daily, no matter how active you are.

Foundation Drink – CORE is a great health drink on it’s own, but can be combined with some high-quality add-ons made by Proven Nutrition. Some add-ons include BETA (for added exercise endurance and recovery), CREA-HCL (ultra-high pure creatine without the bloating), and D-AA (all natural nutritional support for male hormones).

Mixing – The flavor was strong for me, and I found a little powder could go a long way. In fact, I could mix one serving, and after I was finished drinking, I would add more water to the mixture left at the bottom and still get a great/strong tasting drink. That being said, the powder does not dissolve entirely, if left alone, a little bit of the mixture will sit at the bottom. However, this didn’t impact the flavor at all; I simply added more water after the first serving.

Scoop – If following the mixing directions, it calls for 4 scoops, but the scoop is a wooden spoon. It’s actually pretty rad, because the packaging materials are recyclable and fully biodegradable, but a scoop could be a different amount every time. I suggest mixing what you think is 4 scoops to 12-16 oz of water, and playing with the amounts from there based on taste and preference.

Health Drink vs Sports Drink – It’s important to keep in mind that this product is meant for every day, any time refreshment and only offers 40 calories per serving (assuming you are mixing 20g of powder with water). If using during a workout, it may not offer enough calories, depending on your activity and duration. You could use CORE as base drink, and simply add more calories and electrolytes to the drink to give it a boost.

This product is such a great addition to anyone’s daily nutrition program. With so many quality ingredients and benefits – truly anyone could use a boost like CORE to their health. The taste is amazing, and is a refreshing break from overly sweet, high calorie, high caffeine drinks. The team at Proven Nutrition have really done their homework and put in the science and research to bring you the best products with the highest quality and value (including their efficient packaging using sustainable materials!) - a total win in our book.

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