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Energy Chews

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energy chews

Energy chews are a quick and easy way to deliver energy fast. The ingredients and function are similar to energy gels, but chews come in gummy squares or drops with a chewy texture, great for athletes looking for a little variety in their fuel sources. We like to use them in combination with gels, bars, and sports drinks – especially for those long runs and endurance events. 

Chews also make it easy to plan your exact caloric intake – by eating an entire serving, or by having a few chews now and a few later. Many of our chews come in 2 serving pouches or sleeves, and come in a variety of flavors. Most brands offer caffeinated options for an extra energy boost. Check out our comparison table to help you find your perfect energy chew. To learn more about the ingredients and contents in gels and chews, check out the Evolution of Energy Gels article. 

Energy Chews Comparison Chart

*Caffeine Content 
CLIF SHOT BLOKS Chews: 0-50mg depending on flavor
GU Energy Chews: Strawberry 20mg
Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews: Cherry Cola and Lime-ade 32mg white tea extract

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