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Magnesium: Important for Overall Well-Being and Performance

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Magnesium Paul Romero
Magnesium is an essential dietary mineral that is important in over 300 enzymatic systems including muscle contraction, nerve function, ATP activation, protein synthesis, & blood sugar regulation. Magnesium is the second most common deficiency in developed countries (with Vitamin D being the first). 

Low levels are associated with many ailments including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, blood sugar imbalances, Type 2 diabetes, kidney stones, periodontal disease, depression, asthma & osteoporosis. Clearly - this mineral is important for our overall well-being and performance as athletes. 

Benefits of magnesium are listed below:
  • Magnesium plays a role in the detoxification process and helps minimize damage from chemicals, heavy metals & other toxins
  • Protects neuron receptors from being over-activated by neurochemicals, therefore causing a calming effect
  • Improves exercise performance by helping regulate blood sugar & dispose of lactic acid – helping muscle performance 
  • Helps convert food into energy & helps create new proteins from amino acids
  • Helps create and repair DNA & RNA
  • Plays a role in the contraction & relaxation of muscles 
  • Plays a critical role in brain function & mood and can help fight depression
  • Has anti-inflammatory effects & can help reduce CRP (C-reactive protein) & other markers of inflammation
We suggest eating a diet with magnesium rich foods - such as dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, & beans. However, with a deficiency so common, we also suggest taking a magnesium supplement daily to help maintain overall health and well-being. Recommended intake (according to recommended dietary allowance – RDA) is between 320-420mg daily. 

Below is a list of products we carry by magnesium content. The products with higher levels (200mg and more) are intended for daily use (like a vitamin and mineral supplement) and the products with lower levels are often electrolyte drinks and tabs used during physical activity to replenish electrolytes lost in sweat.

Because salt is the main electrolyte lost in sweat, it is the electrolyte most focused on in electrolyte products, while magnesium loss is not as significant and rarely causes a deficiency (unless you experience excessive sweating regularly or are highly active in high heat conditions), and is therefore low or not included in electrolyte drinks and caps. Magnesium is best taken through the diet, along with a daily supplement to meet daily requirements and prevent a deficiency. 

*Serving size is 2 capsules providing 200mg; recommended use is 2 capsules twice daily. 

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