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Slater Fletcher - Multisport

1334   1184 

Highlight: Elite Triathlete
Sports: Triathlon - ultramarathon - mountain biking

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Slater loves getting on his bike and just going for a ride....all day long. Running on single track or getting in a swim, paddle or snowshoe between eating his face off with friends are some of the highlights of his recent years. He's been focusing on racing more long course triathlon, ultra-marathons and endurance mountain bike races. Slater believes that racing provides a unique challenge between times on the trail with friends. He has learned that getting race ready and healthy is part science and part art. A nutritional foundation takes a lot of the guess work out and SportMulti is the foundation of a good diet for Slater and where it all starts. It keeps him healthy to train year round and this extends far beyond just racing.

Career Highlights
1st Place Overall Patagonia Exploration 4 day Adventure Race
2nd Place Overall The Zion 100 Endurance Run(19hrs 38min)
3rd Place Overall Vineman Full Distance Ironman (9hrs 6min)
1st Place Expert Solo 12 Hours of Temecula Endurance MTB
2nd Place Amateur Xterra Off-Road Tri - East Coast Championship
2nd Place Overall The Gold Rush 24 hour Adventure Race
1st Place Amateur Vision Quest Endurance MTB Race
1st Place Overall California Multisport – Off-Road
29th Place Age Group Ironman World Championships – Kona (9:27)
5th Place Age Group Xterra Off-Road Tri World Championships
3rd Place Overall Ultraman World Championships 3 day/320mi









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