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Nutrition Plan - Multisport -Taizen Pied

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Multisport athlete -  Taizen Pied - shares in this Q&A his nutrition plan and how he uses supplements to improve performance.

Do you have a health condition or allergy (ex: gluten intolerance) that requires you to have a special nutrition plan?
 I have no allergies or health conditions that require a specific nutrition plan

Do you follow a specific diet (ex: vegetarian, Paleolithic etc…). If so, describe it and explain how is it benefiting you?
I love life and traveling all over the world. With that comes some challenges and flexibility as far as what food is available to eat while I’m away from home. I eat a healthy diet that falls somewhere around paleo if you needed a guide to follow, although not strict paleo. I try to eat things with 1-3 ingredients if I have the option but I am always playing with my diet and trying to adapt it to what I need from my body.

Do you supplement daily with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids etc…?

As a pilot and an athlete, I have to balance my life and my supplements.  I take SO3 fish oil every day with my joint supplement to help combat inflammation.  Then I take protein from SFH, CLA from LEAN and to round it all out I take Feed The Machine Multi-Vitamin. 

What’s your pre-workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan?
Before a short race, 5 miles or about anything around 30-45 minutes, I am more in the mindset of sprinting. I keep my nutrition light by eating oatmeal with yogurt and fresh fruit at home with a protein shake mixed with almond butter, berries, chia seeds. Just before the race starts I like to take SportLegs to keep the pump or cramps in my arms or legs at bay.

For longer races I like to eat lighter foods but something filling and full of calories. I’ll eat oatmeal but add some honey and acai and I also have some eggs on the side with sea salt and pepper but light on the seasonings. I add a little extra honey to my coffee to give me some instant energy. During the race, I use GU gels with Tailwinds mixed into my water. I try to sip on water as much as I can during races. If I have a good opportunity to grab a sip I will take it as you never know if it will come down to the final stretch and you’re still battling against a fellow competitor and won’t want to take the time to snag a sip. 

What’s your during workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan?
 I am a huge fan of Tailwind that I mix into my water bladder and I will have just clean water in a small bottle to rinse if I feel that I need it.  Gue’s are always on me; I take 1 per hour up to 3 hours and then I will switch to Gel cubes.  Cliff Bar makes some great tasting cubes that I like but I feel that I drink more water with the cubes so I save them for later in the race when I need to sip some more water anyways. 

What’s your post-workout/competition nutrition and hydration plan?
 Post workout I like to have my Recovery Protein Shake. After that, I like to take some more Hot Legs to keep my body going and help fight off the soreness. Once I am cooled down, if I am still at the event, I will find some calories in the way of food but will try to keep it high fats and protein.

Do you compete in different types of events (ex: different distances or formats)? If so, is your nutrition/hydration plan different for each event?
 Depending on my activity level and if I need more mental than physical exertion I will change up my diet. If I am racing SUP or Outrigger Canoes I will look for calories that are light and wont weigh me down. I like to add a little more fat to my meal usually with an avocado or some coconut oil in my coffee.

If I am doing an archery competition I like to have more protein and fat specifically as I find my brain works better and it helps me focus. Same goes for hunting in the mountains or out in desert, I like to have a little more fat than usual as I feel fuller longer but still have the strength to burst when I need to.

When training in the gym I like to stay light but am willing to have a little heavier meal if my body feels like it needs some more substance. Usually I will add a salad with whatever I am eating in the morning to include more nutrients to get me through my workout.

Any other nutrition/hydration secrets you’d like to share?
 I am constantly trying new things to see how my mind and body react to what I am feeding it. I try to keep it fun and light so that I am always interested and engaged. I have found that by changing up my protein I can change how my body feels when I want the most of it. Deep water fish and free range beef or bison are my top picks and I always try to pair some veggies with my meals. At the end of the day I like to sit down with a cup of hot tea to relax my mind and body, which also helps me feel hydrated in the morning when I wake up. 

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