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Proven Nutrition: Stacking For Performance

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Proven Nutrition Stacking for Performance

Proven Nutrition – Feed The Machine’s in-house brand

We’ve partnered with Proven Nutrition to offer our athletes an effective line of products that can be combined in stacks to meet specific performance goals. We’re confident the recommended stacks below will elevate your game to the next level.

This line of supplements is inspired by nature, backed by science, and use only the highest quality and essential ingredients. Each product focuses on compounds at effective doses, which allow for versatility so athletes can fit their individual needs.

Proven Nutrition has created some of the best products out there to support performance, recovery, and total body health. Every athlete, no matter what the sport, intensity, or duration can truly benefit from these products. Read this article to learn more about each product and how you can create a supplement strategy using stacks to help you achieve optimal performance.

Stacking for performance

Stacking is a great way to use supplements strategically to meet your individual needs. With workouts varying in strength and endurance, as well as intensity and duration – the support required can change workout to workout. Stacking also allows you to get exactly the ingredient you want in amounts that are actually effective.

A great example of this is beta alanine. This is often used in pre-workout supplements that are mixed with several other ingredients like caffeine, sweeteners, and artificial flavors –and lowers the effective amount of beta actually used. Taking BETA as an ultra-pure compound and adding it to your favorite drink allows you to customize the amount of stimulants taken and allows you to make any drink deliver the benefits of beta alanine without it being specifically a pre-workout drink. This is especially important if you use beta during rest and recovery days and take small doses throughout the day (read more about BETA in the product section below).

Below is a chart that goes over the recommended use of these products using the stacking method for pre-workout, intra-workout, post-workout, and rest days. 

Because most of these products have an immediate effect (when using efficacious doses) you have to take them regularly to allow them to be available in the body to continue receiving the benefits each has to offer. Beta alanine, however, should be taken daily to increase muscle tissue carnosine levels. It could take weeks to reach peak tissue saturation and effect. 

Proven Nutrition Stacks Chart
As we mentioned, stacking offers a variety of combinations to meet your individual needs. It's important to note that you do not need to stack CORE and all four products listed.  You could stack CORE and only one of the compounds listed at a time - for example CORE + BETA would make an excellent pre-workout drink. 

: We suggest stacking BETA, CITRULLINE, CREA-HCL, and D-AA together mixed in your favorite drink, such as CORE. BETA and CITRULLINE will help address your aerobic pathways providing the benefits of endurance and increased blood flow, and help delay fatigue and reduce lactic acid burn during your workout. CREA-HCL will help address your anaerobic pathways, increasing exercise capacity and muscle output. Lastly, D-AA (should you have goals to boost your testosterone – be sure to read more below on D-AA) taken as a pre-workout will help boost your testosterone levels and support your overall bone and muscle strength.

Intra-workout: We suggest continuing with CITRULLINE (mixing into your favorite drink, such as CORE) for workouts lasting longer than 60 minutes. To do this, you’d simply take the doses listed halfway through your workout. For example, if you have a four hour run ahead of you, you’d take your pre-workout stacks, and then continue with the dosage listed for CITRULLINE two hours into your run. This is to replenish the supplements you’ve burned through during the first two hours of your run.

Post workout: Again, to continue delivering the benefits for each product, we suggest continuing with BETA, CITRULLINE, CREA-HCL, and D-AA (into your favorite drink, such as CORE) after your workout. Taking BETA will kick start the recovery process – continuing to buffer acidity in the body, and CITRULLINE will continue to increase blood flow, delivering oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles and removing waste products throughout the body. CREA-HCL will help repair muscles and D-AA will continue to boost your testosterone to help support bone and muscles after your workout. It's important to note that CREA-HCL intake is most advantageous post workout. 

Rest Days: This is the time we grow and recover. Using all of these products will aid in recovery and muscle building. Again – because CITRULLINE, CREA-HCL and D-AA deliver immediate benefits, they will help speed recovery before your next workout. Taking BETA on rest days will continue to help build your muscle tissue carnosine levels. 

To learn more about each product listed in the chart, read the product descriptions below that go into detail about each compound’s uses, benefits, and suggested dosage.

Bottom Line

Through our partnership with Proven Nutrition we’ve made supplementation easier by focusing on the best and most efficacious dosage of individual compounds scientifically shown to boost performance no matter what the sport, duration, or intensity. Stacking offers an easy and versatile way to customize your supplements and allows you to get the benefits pre-workout, intra-workout, post workout and during rest days. 


BETA: Beta alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is scientifically shown to improve endurance and recovery. This product uses an ultra-high purity form of beta alanine that is from a non-meat source. It has been shown to improve muscle endurance, reduce lactic acid burn and increase muscle recovery. Beta alanine is most often used in pre-workout supplements and is the cause of the ‘’tingly sensation’’ (aka paresthesia) you may feel. This is harmless and can be avoided by taking smaller doses (0.8-1g) throughout the day.

Beta alanine is a beneficial supplement to use not only for pre-workout, but during workouts, recovery, and on rest days. BETA is a precursor for carnosine which helps buffer acidity (fights the ‘’burn’’) and removes lactic acid from muscles - this allows you to work longer and harder and speeds up recovery. Taking BETA during recovery and on rest days continues to offer these benefits, and helps you feel recovered faster. This is key for athletes that are trying to fit in more training sessions or have increased their duration or intensity in training. For athletes going off season, or feel that their recovery is sufficient, it is not necessary to take BETA during rest days.

CITRULLINE: This is a naturally occurring amino acid that is scientifically shown to increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure. CITRULLINE uses an ultra-high purity L-Citrulline Malate that improves absorption and efficacy. CITRULLINE is a great product to use for pre-workout, during workout, recovery and rest days. Because CITRULLINE increases blood flow it increases nutrient and oxygen delivery to the muscles (and more oxygen means more energy!). This allows you to workout longer and harder, delays fatigue, and when used during recovery and rest days, help to improve muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

Citrulline is also a primary ingredient in CORE - which can be used as an everyday health drink (read more on CORE below). Taking citrulline daily is particularly important for those who want to improve their cardiovascular health and reduce blood pressure. Again - the increased blood flow is key here, as it allows more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to muscles - which is beneficial before, during, and after workouts.

CORE: CORE is a drink mix formula that can be used to hydrate when you wake up, before or after a workout, throughout your workday, or any time you need non-stimulant energy, refreshment or focus. This is a great drink to mix with other Proven Nutrition products to meet your performance needs. This mix contains ingredients such as isomaltulose (a slow digesting natural carb for steady energy), electrolytes, amino acids (citrulline, L-glutamine, and Leucine), and cissus quadrangularis (which is the ingredient used in the product HEAL)  to help support healing and maintenance of joint and bone health. Read our field test article to learn more about CORE

While you can use any of your favorite drinks as a base for stacking (see more info below), CORE offers a great tasting drink that you can use anytime and works well with BETA, CITRULLINE, D-AA and CREA-HCL.

CREA-HCL: Creatine is one of most researched and most highly documented supplements that is 100% proven to benefit strength, anaerobic performance, and muscle performance (muscle mass and muscle energy). What’s unique about Proven Nutrition’s CREA-HCL is that is uses an ultra-high purity creatine in a form that does not cause stomach cramps, bloating, or water retention - and it does NOT require a multi-day loading phase. Creatine HCL is only needed a 2g dose to be effective. This is a huge win for athletes that want the benefits of creatine, without all the effects that are typically associated with creatine monohydrate.

Supplementing with creatine is beneficial during pre-workout, recovery and rest days. Taken as a pre-workout, CREA-HCL helps to increase exercise capacity and increases muscle power output. This can be highly beneficial for both strength and endurance athletes. Rest days are the days we grow and recover. Incorporating creatine on rest days will “increase muscle creatine and phosphocreatine stores, support muscle mass and strength, and enhance energy and performance during anaerobic exercise” (Sport Supplement Reference Guide).

In addition to the muscular and performance benefits, creatine also improves overall lean body composition and increases mental alertness.

D-AA: D-Aspartic Acid is a naturally occurring amino acid (found in meat, oysters, casein and corn protein) and is scientifically shown to increase your body’s natural production of testosterone - bringing your ‘’T’’ levels to a healthy range. While it’s common to associate testosterone supplementation for men alone, testosterone is hormone produced by both men and women - and boosting your body’s natural production of this hormone can aid in performance for both men and women. Testosterone signals the body to make new blood cells and helps to support bone and muscle strength. It also enhances libido in both men and women.

In terms of athletic performance and fitness, low testosterone levels can increase body fat, cause loss of muscle tone, osteoporosis, difficulty with concentration, and difficulty sleeping. These can all impact performance and recovery negatively. In terms of overall health and well-being, low testosterone levels can cause mood disturbances, memory loss, and poor sexual performance.

It’s important to stress here that D-AA is a natural amino acid that is only helping your body boost its OWN production of testosterone levels. This is very different from supplementing with an anabolic steroid.

HEAL: This product features a pure powdered Cissus Quadrangularis (belonging to the grape family) and is used to heal broken bones, injured ligaments, and rheumatic joints. Whether your athletic focus in strength or endurance, it’s vital to keep your joints and bones healthy. Not only is this important for overall health and well-being, but it’s also important during rest and recovery. HEAL improves the healing of joints and bones, reduces inflammation in the body, and helps to lower blood sugar levels.

We suggest taking HEAL as part of your daily supplement regimen. It has a very ‘’earthy’’ taste, and it’s best to mix HEAL in with another beverage (such as CORE) to hide the taste.  

LEAN: This product features an ultra-high purity conjugated linoleic acid powder – a naturally occurring fatty acid primarily found in meat (LEAN’s CLA is sourced from plants). When used daily LEAN has been scientifically shown to increase fat burning, preserve muscle tissue and improve the insulin response and blood glucose levels.

LEAN is a fat, and when mixed in liquid, it has the consistency of an oily fat. It should be mixed into something to hide the consistency and taste – such as a smoothie or yogurt.

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