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Field Test: Proven Nutrition's CORE

Author:Spring McClurg
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Proven Nutrition Review Spring

As an active person and someone who focuses on the best way to recover after a big effort, I am always looking for healthy, tasty ways to re-balance my body. With so many sugar and chemical filled electrolyte drinks on the market it’s refreshing to have an option like CORE from Proven Nutrition.

First and foremost it tastes really good. Unlike some of the options out there CORE is not something you feel you need to force down because you know you need it, it’s actually super tasty and I always look forward to drinking it. Sweetened partially with micro-dried blueberries it’s incredibly fruity and refreshing.

CORE is not laden down with other forms of sugar, artificial colors or flavors either. It has less than 2 grams of sugar (organic cane sugar and isomaltulose) per serving which is pretty awesome considering quite a few electrolyte drinks out there contain as much sugar as a can of soda. Dehydrated coconut water and sea salt provide the natural electrolyte mix.

Spring Proven Nutrition Review 2

With the right balance of carbs to electrolytes they even added in a few extra high quality ingredients to give your body more than just the needed hydration and energy. CORE includes a mix of vital amino acids (citrulline malate, L-Glutamine, Leucine), that are necessary for muscle recovery and a healthy immune system.

It’s also just an awesome company because rather than just provide a great product, they thought about the impact their product will have on the environment. Each package is 100% biodegradable and minimal packing that is still easy to take with you on the go. Plus every time they sell a unit, they plant a tree in partnership with American Forests. To me this means a lot to have companies lead the way in providing customers with alternative options.

CORE bag

Taste: Lightly sweetened and naturally fruity they nailed it with the flavor.

Works for everyone: Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, athletes, diabetics. A lot of thought went into providing a great product.

Eco-friendly: Rather than just thinking about the product itself, they went the extra mile and put a lot of attention into creating a low-impact environmentally friendly package.

It can leave a little sediment in your bottle, so just make sure to wash it after each use with a little soap and water.

Bottom Line:
Proven Nutrition’s Core all-natural drink mix is so much more than just an electrolyte drink powder. It’s designed to provide you with everything you need for pre, during and post workout or as something delicious to drink any day to stay hydrated, help maintain focus and help boost immunity.

Buy this product if you are looking for a high quality, balanced electrolyte recovery drink that tastes awesome and is made by a company that cares about the impact that they make.

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