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Charles Triponez - Adventure Racing, Mountain Biking, & Trail Running

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Most proud of: I’m extremely grateful that 3 years ago in Switzerland, I met an American woman lost in translation. Since then, my life completely changed and now I’m married to Mary Kate. I’m proud of what we have achieved together which is successfully joining 2 families with 3 teenage boys, keeping our passions and recently moving to heaven on earth…

Sports: It would almost be easier to list the ones I’ve never practiced!
The usual suspects in Adventure Racing are Mountain Biking, Trail Running / Trekking and Kayaking / Canoeing on lakes/oceans/rivers. But my training includes road biking, mountaineering, climbing, ... and forcing myself to go to the gym! As I recently moved to Bend OR, I’m so looking forward to going back on my X-country & Back-country skis this winter.

Read Charles's Nutrition Plan here.


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Charles grew up in Switzerland, where his parents introduced him to skiing at an early age and later ended up competing internationally with the Swiss Ski Team. After competing with the Swiss Ski Team, his passion for the outdoor brought him into mountaineering, climbing and back-country skiing.

 Whereas he always practiced endurance sports for his training, this became the main focus in his late twenties.
He ultimately discovered Adventure Racing which became a real way of life for him. He then assembled his first team, sponsored by Scott bikes, and started to compete in sprint races (less than 6h) but quickly moved to longer multi-day expedition events.

To race more competitively, he brought together some of the best multi-sport athletes and navigator from Switzerland and became Team captain of Rady’s Team Switzerland.
Since moving to the US, he's been competing at a World Class level with Team Bones, an active US Adventure Race Team, currently 12th in the AR World Ranking.

Career Highlights:
  • Competing in more than 10 countries spread over 6 continents
  • Covering more than 7,000 miles and 1,000 hours of racing
  • Placing 4th in ARWS China & US 
  • Winning the ARWS in Belize with Team Bones

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