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Proteins are essential building blocks in the body, from muscles to the immune system. During exercise, you are in a catabolic state which means that you are breaking down your muscle tissues and depleting your energy. That is why it's so important to use protein immediately after exercise to help rebuild your muscles stronger than before; ideally within the first 30 minutes and definitely within the first 2 hours.
During longer races and exercises (longer than 3 hours), it is also wise to consume some protein to mitigate the depletion process of amino acids. In addition, as athletes our daily protein needs are higher, so it’s important to ensure you get enough to support activity and recovery. Of course, the best source is always from whole foods like fish, lean meats, and legumes, and other plant based sources. But, too often, it’s difficult to get enough while keeping your caloric intake within optimal ranges and ensuring your food source is free of antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides (organic sources are the best). That’s why supplementation can be an effective way to keep your protein intake at the right level. Below are just a few of the key benefits of supplementing with protein, especially for the athlete.
Help build, maintain, and repair lean muscle mass
Helps reduce post exercise soreness  and speeds up recovery
Promotes muscle strength and endurance
Supports immune health and your beneficial gut bacteria
Supports your body’s optimal metabolic rate and fat burning level

It’s important to choose a high quality protein supplement, as many on the market are from questionable sources that may be contaminated with things like heavy metals, pesticides, and hormones. At Feed The Machine, we pride ourselves in choosing quality products that give you quality options such as whey from grass fed cows and organic ingredients. Take a look at our comparison chart and read more information below to find the right protein powder for you. For protein bars, see our energy bars category. 

Protein with <10g of carbohydrates added:
protein low carb
Protein with >10g of carbohydrate added:
High Carb Protein

Protein can come in many forms from whey protein (from milk) to plant protein from vegetables such as peas and pumpkins. This allows a variety of athletes to find a protein that works for their diet and their preferences. It’s important to test out protein powders, just as you would gels and sports drinks during training, to see what digests well, tastes good, and delivers the results you are looking for depending on your goals and sport. Regarding digestion - whey digests in 30-60 min; soy in 60-120 minutes, and casein (makes up 80% of protein in cow milk) in 3-5 hrs. 
The main types of protein you’ll find in our products are:
Whey Protein Isolate - derived from milk and lactose free
Whey Protein Concentrate - derived from milk with some lactose
Soy Protein
Plant Based Protein - like brown rice, pea, chlorella, spirulina, and alphalfa 

In our Proteins category you’ll find 3 types of products:
Build & Maintain: products with only protein as a macronutrient (and therefore low in carbohydrates) like Hammer Whey, Hammer Vegan, SFH Recover, and SFH Pure Whey,.
Post Workout & Recovery: products contain protein as well as other nutrients like carbohydrates and electrolytes to replenish your depleted stores and start the recovery process. Examples of such products include Hammer Recoverite, Fluid Recovery, First Endurance Ultragen, Klean Recovery, and Tailwind Rebuild.
Endurance Sports Drinks: products that have some protein added, often in a 4 to 1 ratio - 4 parts carbohydrate to 1 part protein such as Hammer Perpetuem.

Depending on your sport and fitness goals, you may need a protein in one or all three categories. For example, a CrossFitter that is looking to build muscle may take a product such as SFH Pure whey to simply add more protein to his/her diet throughout the day and use SFH Recovery to provide protein and BCAA specific for muscle recovery post workout. A runner that is looking to fuel with more than carbs or fat may use an endurance sports drink like Hammer Perpetuem, and use a recovery protein after a race or after weight training to aid in muscle recovery and rebuilding.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider what diet goals you have set for yourself. This will help determine what macronutrients you may need for focus on. For example – for those following a ketogenic or Paleo diet, you’ll stay away from a high carbohydrate protein drink. For those focusing on higher carbohydrate intake, you’ll look for the powders that include a balanced mix of both carb and protein. For vegans, you’ll want to go with a plant based protein. 
Protein supplementation can be a benefit to everyone – and is especially important to athletes to help aid in performance and recovery. Depending on your sport and athletic goals, you may need one or all three protein supplements to build/maintain, aid in recovery, or as an endurance sports drink.


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