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Paul Romero - Multisport Athlete & Coach

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Paul Romero close upMost proud of: Raising his son and climbing the 7 summits with him ... and surviving a lifetime of adventures.
Sports: adventure racing, endurance mountain biking, ultrarunning, mountaineering, crossfitting, Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), kayaking

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Paul has been leading teams into some of the most challenging environments around the globe for over a decade. He has competed and podiumed in over 100 expedition adventure races on 5 continents for the last 12 years, climbed the seven summits with his son, Jordan, and been exposed to some of the most gruelling competitions in the world. His passion for sport, wellness, and longevity is contagious. It’s impossible not to feel inspired after only 10 minutes in his company. He is generous with his time and is a mentor to so many as well as an amazing endurance ambassador for his sponsors. He'll be sharing his time between BC and the warm waters of Maui.

Career Highlights:

  • Climbed 7 Summits
  • Competitor Magazine adventure athlete of the year
  • 3rd place at adventure racing World Championship


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