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Luis Cova - Triathlete & Coach

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Most proud of: Finishing my first Ironman after crashing hard on the bike at mile 11, and running a 5k with my 5-year old daughter.
Sports: Triathlon, swimming, soccer
Website: (Luis' coaching website) and member of Team Triple Threat AZ

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Luis started practicing sports at an early age, playing soccer and swimming competitively from ages 8 to 12. After juggling between soccer fields and swimming pools, he decided to focus on swimming and went on to compete on several National Championships (with multiple podium finishes) in his home country of Venezuela. Additionally he competed in International Swim Meets, finally earning a full scholarship to swim for the American University of Puerto Rico. While in Puerto Rico, Luis was one of the team leaders as the male swimming team went on to win three consecutive conference.

During his later years in Puerto Rico, Luis acted as an assistant coach under the guidance of a former National Swimming Coach from Cuba. After a long break from sporting activities (other than playing recreational soccer), Luis started participating in triathlons in 2009, completing his first Ironman in 2011. Luis started coaching in 2011 and has helped athletes of different abilities from completing their first race to achieving a PR on a full marathon.

Carreer Highlights:

  • Certified Triathlon Coach
  • USA Cycling Certified Coach
  • Masters of Arts in Education with a focus on Adult Education and Training
  • 2X top-ten recognitions from the USMS (United State Masters Swimming)
  • 3-time Ironman Finisher with a PR of 10:27
  • Has competed in multiple races such as Sprint, and Olympic triathlons, 5k, 10k, and half marathons.
  • Qualified for the 2013 USAT Long course and Olympic Distance National Championship


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