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Citrulline  is a key amino acid (along with arginine and ornithine) involved in the urea cycle (the process by which humans and other mammals excrete ammonia). It is made in the body by converting arginine into nitric oxide (NO) which is a powerful vasodilator (increase blood flow) and also via orinithine in the process of recycling ammonia. Among other things, ammonia is secreted by the kidneys to buffer acid in the body (as when exercising and generating lactic acid).

Citrulline supplementation has been shown to increase not only its plasma concentration but also that of arginine and ornithine.

Citrulline is not a proteinogenic (protein building) amino acid but as, shown above, is important in nitric oxide metabolism and ammonia recycling and does increase the levels of both the proteinogenic amino acids arginine and ornithine.

Studies have shown that citrulline supplementation can reduce fatigue and increase endurance. For this reason, it is often used as a supplement by endurance athletes.

A good natural food source of citrulline is watermelon. In fact, the word citrulline is derived from the Latin word for watermelon.

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