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Why Do Muscles Cramp?

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The cause of muscle cramping is not yet fully understood. Why do some people cramp while others don't? Or why do you cramp during one race and not another? Science is slowly discovering the reasons. Although we don't yet have a complete picture, as is often the case when trying to unravel the secrets of the human body, the predominant view is that cramping is linked to 3 factors.

Nutrition Plan - Triathlon - Luc Morin

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Pro Triathlete and coach - Luc Morin - shares his nutrition plan and how he fuels and hydrates for training and competition in this Q&A.

The benefits of pure caffeine Vs coffee

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We discuss the results of a small clinical trial that concludes that pure caffeine helps improve performance but coffee (containing the same amount of caffeine), does not.

Nutrition Plan - Road Cycling - Patrick Watson

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California Masters Champion (Team Time Trial) - Patrick Watson - shares his daily nutrition habits and how he fuels and hydrates for training and competition.

Nutrition Plan - Riverboarding - Josh Galt

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Professional Riverboarder and owner of - Josh Galt - talks about his daily nutrition and how he hydrates and fuels for his adventures and competition.

Is Caffeine Good or Bad for Athletes

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That is the question Dr. John Berardi helps explain in this video.

Nutrition Plan - Multisport - Slater Fletcher

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Ultra endurance athlete, Slater Fletcher, shares his nutrition secrets used in running ultra marathons to the ultraman triathlon.

Nutrition Plan - Triathlon - Luis Cova

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Elite triathlete and coach - Luis Cova - explains in this Q&A how important nutrition and hydration is to achieving performance.

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