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Field Test - Beta Red Pre-workout Performance Formula

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Beta Red offers a great non-stimulant pre-workout formula that has quality ingredients, each chosen with a specific purpose in mind. Beta Red contains a great combo of amino acids - including Beta Alanine and Citrulline malate that help increase blood flow and delay muscle fatigue during your workouts. Add these to the great benefits of beets, and you have yourself a killer combo for any athlete. Read the full field test here.

Energy & Protein Bars - Real Food for Real Energy

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Bars are the packaged deal – a tasty package containing a variety of nutrients and energy all wrapped in one. Bars offer a quick and easy delivery of nutrients for any athlete – and can be used as part of your training or competition nutrition strategy, or simply as a meal replacement or snack on the go. At FTM, we are always prepared and like to keep one or two bars with us at all times – in our gym bag, car, everyday bag, and in every drawer (just kidding) to make sure we always have energy on the go. Check out our comparison chart and read more info here!

Nutrition Plan - Cycling - Michael Hotten

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Michael Hotten was born in Seattle but grew up in Northern California. His career brought him to SoCal. He loved golf but was getting tired of Golf’s pace of play, then one day he tuned into the Tour De France and since then he's been hooked on cycling. He now cycles with the Hot Wheels Cycling Team. He focuses on fueling with the food he makes in his own kitchen, and supplements with electrolytes, protein, and BCAAs to perform at his best. Read more in this Nutrition Q&A.

Nutrition Plan - Mountain Biking & Cycling - Aaron Dalrymple

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Aaron is a mountain biker and cyclist that is most passionate about challenging himself, pushing his physical limits during long endurance rides, and finding ways to improve his performance and stay motivated. He competes in both short and long distance races and focuses on strong and simple nutrition principles. He focuses on a diet of healthy foods, avoids processed foods, and supplements his diet with gels, electrolytes, and bars when racing. Read his full nutrition plan in this Q&A.

BCAAs - Increase Muscle Endurance & Recovery

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There are nine essential amino acids that are required for optimal muscle building and tissue growth. The three that are most effective in this process are the branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Regardless of your activity level or sport, BCAAs can serve as a great addition to your nutrition program to increase overall muscle maintenance and building, as well as improve your performance by delaying fatigue.

Nutrition Plan - Cycling - Matt Cusack

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Matt Cusack is cyclist on team Bandit ElitE Racing (BEER). Team BEER is a focused, driven, fun loving, non-masters Category 2/3 bike race team from Spokane, WA. They compete in Cross Country, Enduro Mountain Biking, and Cyclocross Racing. Matt likes to keep things simple, and of course, loves a IPA beer every now and then!

Nutrition Plan - Adventure Racing - Kyle Peter

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Kyle Peter has been adventure racing for over 13 years, with over 25 expedition length races under his belt. He's also competed in 16 World Series races since 2010, with 6 wins and 10 podium finishes. He's had plenty of opportunities to test out his nutrition strategy to find just the right combination for him. Read below to see what keeps him racing and hitting the podium!

The Evolution of Energy Gels

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Gels have come a long way and are a great addition to any athlete’s program, whether you’re an adventure racer, triathlete, cyclist or CrossFitter, gels can provide a quick boost of energy and nutrition in an easy to use pouch. With so many options, flavors, and beneficial ingredients, you really can’t go wrong! We suggest trying a variety of brands and flavors to find the right gel for you! Read this article and view the comparison chart to learn more.

Field Test - Nuun Hydration Tabs

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Nuun offers a wide variety of easy to use, fast and efficient sport drink tabs that address all the hydration needs of athletes. They have four great products to help you tailor your hydration plan to fit your individual needs. Even more exciting is that they’ve recently updated the formulation to be all natural! All products are offered in a tablet form and come in a convenient tube. Read this field test article to learn more!

Field Test - Klean Athlete Recovery

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Klean Athlete offers a variety of products are backed by science, use effective and clean ingredients, and are 3rd party certified to ensure what's on the label is exactly what's in the product. Our dietitian, Britt, gave Klean Athlete's Recovery protein a try after a long day of coaching & CrossFit training. She now includes this unique protein in her nutrition strategy. Check out this full review to learn more about this great recovery protein.

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